Why is the Quality of the Water You Drink Essential for Maintaining a Good Health?

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By  | January 19, 2022

Water is often referred to as the essential component of life. Water makes up about 70% of our bodies, and ecologists suggest how in the future people will fight wars for it rather than for oil or gold. Even today, people in many third-world countries find it hard to get access to drinkable water. Though many rather replace it with a cold beverage or a soda, water’s benefits and its effects on your health are immeasurable. Therefore, it is important to know what you drink and how it can affect you.

Mineral Water 

Mineral water is known to be high in nutrients and minerals such as calcium, sulfur, and other essentials. Mineral water is regarded as the best type as it is clean and natural. Therefore it is often more expensive. If you drink water in larger quantities during the day, it would be preferable to drink high-quality mineral clean water. Studies have shown how 5 liters per day can clean the liver, regenerate the kidney and even help with skin conditions such as acne and inflammation. Furthermore, it helps with fat loss and is associated with a more resilient and stronger immune system. Water acts as a cleansing agent making it easier for our bodies to get rid of the toxins and waste we accumulate. The recommended intake of water (2 to 3 liters) has a similar effect on the body and helps our metabolism and guts stay healthy and strong. 

Better stay safe and sound 

Not everyone has the luxury of drinking bottled mineral water, especially as certain brands are infamous for overcharging their name rather than quality. Tap water in most developed nations is drinkable, surveys show, and a vast majority of people even prefer it to bottled water as the plastic from the bottle affects the overall quality and is even known to release chemical compounds while exposed to the sun for some time. 

Unfortunately, there are cases where tap water is not drinkable and is even known to be poisonous. In certain industrial areas, companies are getting rid of their toxic waste by polluting the environment and surrounding rivers. Many activists are advocating for change and tightened regulations. Hence, one option is getting a faucet-mounted water filter, which filters the water making it safe for consumption. Though some are skeptical, these filters have proven to be lifesavers in times of crisis when water is polluted to the extent of it not being suited for humans. Furthermore, many third-world countries are looking for ways to incorporate the general use of such filters as it would get drinkable water into many homes.  

For hikers and lovers of outdoor activities, there are even portable water filters enabling them to have access to fresh and drinkable water no matter the place or time. Through a highly developed filter system, the device is almost 100% effective in cleaning the contaminated water. This lowers the chance of getting cancer and other associated diseases.  

The risks of drinking unfiltered water among many imply a higher chance of catching contamination due to the excess chlorine and calcification. This issue has been linked to an increased danger of getting kidney stones and serious liver damage as our bodies are not equipped to dissolve these hard masses. Pollutants also include microorganisms, many of which are dangerous for the health of our digestions. It is estimated that billions of little bacteria reside within our gut, and it only takes a couple of bad and contagious ones to completely disable this harmony causing ulcer cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, or other dangerous diseases. 

Sailors were known to get sick very often, due to the lack of filtered and clean water. 

Alkaline water 

Many athletes and people trying to boost their immune systems are drinking alkaline water in an attempt to reduce the acidity in their bodies. Natural alkaline water is often high in minerals and other nutrients it picks up from the rocks while it flows. The pH of alkaline water goes up to 8 to 9 which is more than most tap or mineral water. The thing with alkaline water is the high percentage of these minerals which in the long run can accumulate in the body, as the body must work harder to keep a natural balance. Though studies have shown how it can reduce acidity and help boost the immune system, a gallon a day might not be recommended. 

Other Benefits 

Daily water intake helps us create more saliva and stay hydrated. It improves even our cognitive functions and general mood. It is affiliated with better oxygen distribution, more energy and is known for its many other benefits. Though, like with pretty much everything, one can easily overdue with water intake as well. We already said how a normal intake should be around 2 or 3 liters per day, yet maybe the best advice is to listen to your body and drink it occasionally when you’re thirsty. It will save you from frequently visiting the bathroom. 

You can help your body work better and improve your overall health by drinking the recommended amount of water. To gain the advantages of this excellent drink, you must take care of the quality of the water you consume.

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