Tough remarks and beatings at a state printing house in Chisinau. PAS accuses Dodon of printing unofficial election newspapers

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Scandal, harsh remarks and beatings at a state printing house in Chisinau. PAS deputies claim that they found there hundreds of thousands of electoral newspapers of Igor Dodon, which would have been printed without reporting the expenses to the CEC. According to them, the indicated circulation would be only 55 thousand copies, but, in reality, they claim, over 400 thousand newspapers would have been printed.

"About half a million newspapers were here, in the warehouse of the state-owned enterprise, which were apparently printed elsewhere. Although 55,000 and another printing house was indicated."

Later, several socialist deputies arrived on the scene. Vlad Batrincea, Igor Dodon's representative, categorically rejected the PAS accusations. According to him, an official order was placed for the printing of electoral newspapers, and the expenses were reported to the CEC.

"It is the order, it is the pattern. You will be responsible, according to the law, for blocking the production and for disturbing the public order. You, you have exceeded the attributions of the deputy in the Parliament and you will answer, according to the law."

The police arrived at the scene. They confiscated the newspapers and launched an investigation.

Dorin Cimil stated for our television station that the CEC will examine this case after accumulating all the necessary information.

"I need to know what period it is, we don't have any relevant date, so we can expose ourselves on this subject. We are waiting for information and examining it in context. We haven't found anything yet, we just notified the police, we are waiting for them to present information and we will come with an examination. "

Asked by our journalists, Lilian Luca, deputy head of the Capital Police, said that this case is under examination and will return later with details.

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