Top Real Estate Markets in Texas

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Are you considering buying property in Texas? If so, you’re not alone. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners began to reevaluate what was important to them, and what they wanted out of life.

For many who were stuck inside their homes for months on end, space was a big factor. This is one of the reasons many people from big cities began to flock to the great state of Texas en masse. Today, the current real estate market here remains as hot as ever, but which areas, in particular, are the top real estate markets?

This article will be your guide to real estate market trends in Texas and what they mean for those who are looking to buy. Read on to learn all about the best real estate markets in Texas now.

Why Buy in Texas?

Before we get into the hottest markets in Texas, let’s take a look at why you might like to buy in the Lone Star State. One of the biggest draws is that it’s a lot more affordable than many markets. You get more bang for your buck here, plain and simple.

Another thing that’s attractive—especially to families—is the type of lifestyle that’s possible here. In contrast to cities like, say, New York, Texas allows for a more outdoorsy and active lifestyle which is something that’s creeping up homeowner’s lists of priorities.

Third, are the job prospects. Not only is it not possible for many employees to work from home from anywhere in the country, but there are also tonnes of big corporations in Texas which offer the potential of lucrative positions. These are just some things to consider when deciding which of the following areas to search in.


Austin is known for its quirky vibe and laid-back atmosphere. It’s a great place to be young and single, with plenty of cool neighborhoods and nightlife to enjoy. In Austin, the average house price is around $600,000, so it’s on the most expensive side for Texas, but still affordable.

Fort Worth

Forth Worth is less flashy than some of its counterparts like Austin or Houston, but it’s got lots to offer. The homes here are super affordable, with the median house price coming in at around $275,000. If you’d like to see some of the options on offer, check out the homes on now.

San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas, and the number of big corporations headquartered there means it’s a great place for families. Here, the winters are cool and the summers are hot and dry, and there’s no shortage of outdoor places to enjoy. House prices here are also affordable with the median a little under $240,000.


McAllen is a small city located close to the Mexican border, with a population of around 140,000. The median house prices here are the lowest on this list, at $195,000. This is the perfect place to bag a bargain, as although the prices remain low, they’re on the rise.

The Top Real Estate Markets of Texas

Ultimately, you’ll need to do your own research to determine which city might be the best fit for you. However, we hope this guide has been of some help. If you’re looking for more lifestyle-related content, check out our other articles now.

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