These 22 "Yellowjackets" Moments Had Me Screaming At My Screen

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The moments that had me buzzing hardest.

The finale of Yellowjackets aired this Sunday and resolved several mysteries while birthing new ones. It is a thriller horror with some teen drama thrown into the pot that is slowly transmogrifying into a folk-horror gorefest.

A girl aims a rifle at a target while a girl and an adult man stand close to her


There were several shocking, wild, and crazy moments in the show when my mouth just opened with shock or I would be screaming at the screen. 

Here are the scenes from Yellowjackets that really hit home.

🚨Warning: Spoilers about Season One of Yellowjackets ahead!

1. The series opens with a chilling scene of a girl sprinting barefoot through the snowy and eerie wilderness, who then falls into a trap and gets impaled by wooden stakes jutting out of the ground.

A girl lies dead in a pit after getting impaled by stakes


The scene also introduces one of the central mysteries of the show: who was that girl being hunted by her former soccer teammates?

2. Soon after a party where Jackie and Shauna affirmed their love and loyalty for each other, we see Shauna having sex with Jackie's boyfriend, Jeff, right after they dropped Jackie to her home. Et tu, Shauna?

Shauna and Jeff have sex in car


3. We finally get to see the savage and feral pack that the former soccer team has devolved into. They sit according to hierarchy as they are about to feast on the flesh of their latest kill (or so it seems).

Teenage girls dressed in beast hide sitting around a bonfire


Their leader, sitting in the center and wearing an animal skull has been dubbed by the internet as "The Antler Queen".

4. When not sabotaging her friend's car or snooping on them, Misty can be very useful. One of her boldest moves was to amputate the coach's mangled leg with an axe.

A girl swings an axe and chops someone's leg


5. But then few minutes later, we see what a dangerous, irresponsible, and selfish person she is when she destroys the black box of the flight, thus starting the chain of events that would haunt the survivors for the rest of their lives.

A girl destroys the blackbox of an aircraft


6. In a show of her helpfulness and creepiness, Misty barges into Natalie's apartment, pushes her aside and snorts all the coke that Natalie had lined up for herself, in order to prevent Natalie from relapsing. For Natalie's "benefit", Misty was spying on her by a spy cam.

A woman snorts cocaine


7. Is it good or bad — auspicious or ominous — to come across a cabin in the woods with a dead man, almost withered to a skeleton, sitting in the attic?

The skeleton of a dead man lies in a chair


8. One of the shocking reveals that gives Natalie some purpose and adds to the show's mystery. Who killed Travis?


9. While doing her first hunt in the forest, we learn that Natalie has a very traumatic relationship with guns. Her abusive father had accidently shot himself and died in front of her.

A man turns around angrily but trips and shoots himself and blood spatter is seen on the wall


10. A distraught Shauna tried to use the underwire of her bra to perform abortion on herself but is caught by an alert Taissa. Then Taissa attempts to do the abortion but they both get scared and don't go through.

A girl lies on the forest floor in lithotomy position and her friend is about to insert a metal wire in her uterus


11. What started as a jocular tomfoolery soon transmogrifies into a scary got-more-than-we-bargained-for exercise. Lottie becomes ostensibly possessed, mumbles something in French, and then bangs her head on the window.

A girl screams while participating in a séance with other girls and then bangs her head on the window


12. The big reveal that Taissa sleepwalks and eats dirt explained who the scary lady in the tree was that was driving Sammy crazy. Also there's a big bite wound on her right hand which is not self-inflicted.

A woman sits under a tree at night and her right hand has a big bite wound


13. The women channel their former soccer champions and try to catch the blackmailer, though he escapes — but not before he gets doused with glitter.

A woman tackles a masked man who then falls on the floor and gets covered in glitter


14. Adam's secret mystery lover act comes to bite him as Shauna discovers that he isn't who he claims to be and stabs him to death.

A woman stabs a man and the man bleeds from his mouth


15. Van gets mauled by wolves and her friends light her pyre without making sure she's actually dead. Getting burned alive is becoming a constant danger for Van.

A girl with her left face mangled lies on a pyre


16. One of the most unexpected moments was Laura Lee's explosive death. Although we knew that her air expedition was bound to fail, no one had expected that one of the most likeable and level headed characters of the show would go down in flames.

A plane explodes mid-air


17. Around mid-season, the show had started foreshadowing Lottie's crowning as the Antler Queen. When the girls were hunting Travis under the effect of shrooms, this was the first explicit instance of Lottie donning the antler crown.

A girl wears the skull of a deer as a crown


Is she really the same Antler Queen shown in the first episode or is the show throwing dirt in the eyes of the viewers? The show hasn't yet revealed the true identity of the Antler Queen but all the circumstantial evidence points to Lottie.

18. Misty shows that she's as daring and reckless as her teenage self when she calls the fake journalist, Jessica, who was sniffing around the adult Yellowjackets, and injects her with fentanyl and kidnaps her.

A woman stabs an injection into the thigh of another woman


19. A big bear comes from nowhere and strangely capitulates to Lottie who fearlessly goes and stabs him to death.

A bear meekly crouches in front of a girl who then stabs the bear


20. In the finale, Natalie gets kidnapped by folks who seem to be the members of a secret and violent cult linked to one of the Yellowjackets (probably Lottie). One of them wears a locket bearing the same symbol that was etched on trees of the forest and the floor of the cabin where the team later shifted.

Some people kidnap a woman from her apartment


This symbol was also on the postcards that the adult Yellowjackets received and on Taissa's sacrificial altar.

21. One of the most unsettling reveals of the series comes when Taissa's wife discovers a secret lair in their house that has their dog's head and heart placed on what looks like a sacrificial altar. Now we know what caused Taissa's hand wound.

A doll, some candles, a dog's head, and the dog's heart lies on a desk


22. In what looks like an occult ritual, Lottie places the bear's heart as an offering and behind her are her first two followers, Van and Misty. Seems the cult formation has started.

A girl carries the heart of a bear in her hands and two girls kneel down behind her in reverence


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