The New Season Of "Euphoria" Has Arrived, And Fans Already Can't Stop Talking About The Crazy First Episode

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In the words of Rue: "Damn."

🚨 WARNING: Major spoilers ahead! 🚨

ICYMI: Season 2 of Euphoria dropped on Sunday, and it already started off with a bang.

From THAT scene with Fez and Nate to the return of the Rue and Jules saga, there was a lot for fans to unpack in the first hour. While we're only one episode deep so far, there's probably even more craziness in store for us ahead.

As we patiently wait for this week's premiere, here are a bunch of hilariously accurate tweets about the new season of the HBO series. Take a look:


Can we talk about how adorable and brilliant it was to learn about why Ashtray is called Ashtray I love him sm #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaSeason2

03:40 AM - 10 Jan 2022

Nickelodeon / Twitter: @rqlphbb

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