The Best OLED TVs With Amazing Reviews

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Super Bowl LVI kicks off Feb. 13. That means you're running out of time to shop for a new screen. You need a hot new device with crystal clear picture, luminous color, the best audio and smart capabilities before you can watch the National Football League crown a new champion at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

If you've ever gone TV shopping, you've seen the words LED, QLED and OLED mentioned in product descriptions. LED stands for light emitting diode. LED TVs have a backlight layer that brightens and dims your TV pixels as you watch your favorite TV shows and movies. QLED stands for quantum light emitting diode. It is a variation of LED technology. QLED TVs include layers of quantum dot film. When hit by a backlight, these tiny dots emit individually colored lights that help create a more vibrant picture.  

Unlike LED and QLED TVs, OLED TVs don't have a backlight layer. Instead, each pixel is its own teeny-tiny LED light that can independently change its luminosity and even turn off completely. Because each of their pixels function independently, these TVs have elite image quality and the darkest shadows. 

Screen size makes a difference. A smaller screen means you probably don't need to pay more for a better picture. You won't be able to notice it. But if you're tired of catching the big game on a small screen and considering a size upgrade, it's worth it. You can actually see the picture difference when you buy a big screen OLED TV.

You don't have to start your TV search from scratch. We've found enormous OLED TVs that have glowing reviews. Some of them are even on sale

No matter if you're looking to upgrade your screen so you can catch the latest episode of Euphoria in stunning lights and shadows or so you don't miss every detail of the NFL playoffs and subsequent Super Bowl LVI, we've found great deals on OLED TVs from top brands, including LG and Sony.

LG 65" 4K Smart TV

LG via Amazon

One LG 4K smart TV buyer called this model "an absolute upgrade over anything that isn't OLED." "I went from the LG 55-inch nano tech 4k to this and WOW," they said. "The difference really is astronomical. So vivid... ease of control and navigation. I love the fact this thing is 2 mm thick, too."  The smart TV is Alexa compatible and comes with built-in access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+ and LG channels. 


77" LG 4K Smart TV

LG via Amazon

If you have the space for it, the 77-inch LG 4K smart TV is also on sale right now. 


65" Sony Bravia A9S Series OLED 4K UHD Smart Android TV

Best Buy

"This is my first time buying an OLED TV and I realized now why there is such a big hoopla about picture quality of OLED vs LCD TVs," wrote a Sony Bravia A9S series buyer. "I have next level of admiration for 4K content through this TV now, and colors, along with intensity of black on screen, is mind blowing." This large OLED TV offers high color accuracy and perfect contrast. The Sony device uses Cognitive Processor XR to process and remaster movies and TV for a more lifelike picture. Plus, on the Sony Bravia A9S series, the screen is the speaker. The Sony TV uses Acoustic Surface Audio+ and built-in subwoofers to provide the best possible sound experience for whatever you're watching.


83" Sony Bravia XR X92 LED 4K UHD Smart TV

Best Buy

Best Buy also offers an 83-inch Sony Bravia TV. You can save $2,000 on it right now!


77" LG G1 Series OLED EVO 4K UHD Smart WebOS TV

LG via Best Buy

This extra-large LG TV is a smart choice for family rooms and home theaters. This OLED TV features more than 8 million pixels that turn on and off independently for stunning luminosity and shadows. The LG device uses deep-learning algorithms to detect scenes and genres for instant picture and sound adjustment. This TV is an excellent choice for gamers, according to one reviewer: "Gamer here. This TV is absolutely amazing," wrote the excited buyer. "Super-wide viewing angles are great for any living room furniture layout. The brightness really pops, even in well lit rooms. Infinite contrast makes everything visually stunning. As for gaming, this TV is everything you could ever want and need. ... Yes, its pricey, but it is 100% worth it!"


77" LG CX Series OLED 4K UHD Smart WebOS TV

LG via Best Buy

A Best Buy customer calls this LG device "the nicest TV I've ever owned." "So much clearer, so much more vibrant. And my PS5 looks amazing too." The 77-inch smart TV can stream in 4K and comes with a remote that features voice control.


Searching for a Samsung OLED TV?

Samsung is not selling OLED TVs right now. The tech manufacturer currently offers a wide variety of QLED TVs. QLED TVs can get brighter than OLED TVs and they come in more sizes. QLED TVs are also less vulnerable to screen burn-in than OLED models.

Check out these top Samsung QLED TVs that are on sale, below. 

65" Class Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV


The 55-inch Samsung smart TV lets you watch the big game in crystal-clear, 4K resolution with its machine-based learning AI that transforms whatever you watch into 4K. The smart TV features next-gen apps, streaming services and advanced controls. It's also compatible with most voice assistants. It includes built-in compatibility with multiple aspect ratios, which also makes it a smart choice for gamers.


65" Class Q80A Series QLED 4K UHD Smart TV


This 4K smart TV uses an AI technology that transforms everything you watch into 4K. The TV features 100% color volume with Quantum Dot, plus low lag rates and minimized blur. Your picture will be detailed and vibrant. This Samsung TV also includes object-tracking sound, so you'll be able to hear every detail. 


85'' Samsung Class QN85A 4K Neo QLED


This massive Samsung 4K Neo QLED includes top-of-the-line features, such as a premium audio technology called object-tracking sound (OTS). With OTS, your television analyzes the action on screen and tries to replicate a surround-sound experience without external speakers. The Samsung 4K Neo QLED also features a built-in Alexa assistant.


85" Samsung Class QN800A 8K Neo QLED TV


The 85-inch Samsung TV features 8K resolution, for the most colorful and luminous picture, and an anti-reflection layer that minimizes glare and reduces unwanted distractions.



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