The Best 2022 Winter Work-from-Home Pants

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Dressing up for working from home is all about casual comfort – think leggings, sweatpants, and other pieces of loungewear. With more people working remotely, work dress pants and trousers have been back-burnered, and rightfully so. You probably don’t want to spend the whole day at your home office desk in a pair of uncomfortable and stiff jeans, either.

That is why more and more people are opting for comfy, chic pants as part of their go-to work-for-home outfits. They offer the comfort and relaxed feel of sweatpants and the professional look of dress pants. In other words, these ever-so-comfortable pants blur the line between casual and professional attire.

The benefits of dressing up for remote working are well-known — it’s definitely a great way to uplift your mood and enhance your productivity right from the get-go. But comfortable pants don’t have to be shabby, frumpy, or stiff-looking.

To help you take the comfort of working at a distance to the next level, we have rounded up loungeable and uber-comfortable WFH pants that you’ll never want to take off.

Legging-Style Pants

The classic legging-style pants are the best of the best for working from home. They are breath-easy, soft, and fit snuggly for whole-day comfort at your home office.  If this sounds like your cup o’ tea, you will flip over these faux suede leggings. They’re inclusive, so you can rest assured you’ll find one that fits your body type.

Shared by Sanctuary, these legging-style pants are woven from 90% polyester (plus 10% spandex), which is breathable, soft, and sweat-wicking. Many raving reviewers say the pants are not only comfortable and buttery smooth but also stretchy and fit snugly, like a second skin. Best of all, these work-from-home pants are not see-through when stretched in all directions.

The truly remarkable thing about these high-rise pants (besides the moisture-wicking, soft fabric and four-way stretch) is that they also have pockets! There are two deep back pockets, roomy enough to stow your phone, keys, and other essentials. A pair of faux front pockets gives these pants a classier and more professional look.

The high-rise pants have a tight waistband designed to flatter your figure. Throw these pants on with a flowy blouse, button-up shirt, or an oversized sweater plus a pair of fuzzy slippers and bam — you’re ready to get some work done. The leggings leave room for many shoe options, too.

These leggings-style pants can double as yoga pants, workout pants, or walking pants too. Grab them in six easy-to-wear shades and patterns, including Whitney check, suede black, forest camo, classic black and black houndstooth.

Extra Cozy Fleece Pants

Sometimes you need WFH pants that won’t require changing when you need to run errands, go for a walk, or head to the gym. And if it gets chilly where you live right now, you know having extra cozy, well-insulated pants for working from home can be a lifesaver.

If that sounds like the kind of your WFH day, then you should grab a pair of these somewhat sporty fleece pants. The Sherpa lining on them is fluffy-soft and uber-warm, one of the many reasons we absolutely love these pants, and they certainly provide an extra layer of insulation against the winter cold.

Despite being sporty, these fleece pants are extra cozy and completely acceptable to wear for WFH and when you’re out and about. We can easily see these cuddly pants being teamed with trainers and a warm sweater for a quick jog, then paired with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of warm slippers for pottering and working at home.

Yeokou’s fleece offering has a duo of side pockets for stowing your wallet, smartphone, and keys and a drawstring for a snug fit. The pair is high-quality and comes in 8 fab colors, including navy blue, light gray, black, and pink.

Wide-Legged Pants

If you are not into loungewear-style pants and love breezy and slightly baggy bottoms, then you’ll find wide-legged trousers to be perfect for you. There’s something to be said about the comfort and confidence level that comes with wearing such cool and freeing pants.

For that trend, consider these high-waisted wide-legged pants made primarily from a flowy fabric for an easy-wear and breezy vibe. You can wear these wide-leg trousers for work at home or during leisurely weekends with friends or family.

The slouchy pants effortlessly bridge the gap between sweatpants and suit pants, meaning they can be either dressed down or up. Pair these pants with an oversized button-down for a smart casual look with an athleisure twist.

Pairing these wide-legged pants with a slouchy sweater with adorable lace-up details and in a complimentary shade will create an outfit that’s comfortable enough to work from your couch— or your home office desk. 

The stretchy high-rise waistband is designed for optimal comfort and to flatter your figure, plus the side slants pockets are both functional and stylish. The color range is also impressive, with burnt sienna and true black being the most popular.

Jogger-Style Pants

Joggers-style pants are an excellent option for working from home, as it’s warm, cozy, and comfy yet super-stylish. And it excels at pretty anything else you wish to accomplish outside of your home office — whether you want to work out at home, hit your local gym, or run some errands.

An excellent pair of WFH-ready joggers should be well-fitted, flexible, and excellently breathable. For that, you will find this pair of French terry jogger sweatpants. They are a perfect choice for women who wish to make a statement with their WFH pants.

These jogger-style pants are fitted, so you won’t feel like you have completely thrown your professionalism out of the window, and they are lightweight and comfortable enough that you’ll probably stay in the whole day without noticing.

We love that these pants come with a plethora of print options that are work-from-home-ready. They also come in many color options, including rose smoke, black, coral heather, charcoal, and more.

Loose, Yoga-Style Pants

If your mantra when it comes to home pants is “the looser the better,” then these yoga-style pants are exactly what the fashion doctor prescribes. They are loose-fitting and ultra-baggy yet fit tightly at the waistline and ankle, so these pants are super-breathable and incredibly comfy for whole-day wear.

These women’s baggy yoga pants are woven from a fabric blend containing primarily cotton modal plus 5% spandex for a bit of give and stretch. For those who haven’t enjoyed the bounties of modal, it’s a buttery-soft, wood-based fabric that, when blended with cotton, is highly airy and gives a second-skin feel.

You will appreciate that these pants have an elegantly fitted waistband with no buttons, buckles, or zippers. Just slip into them, and you are ready for a productive working-from-home day ahead.

The high-rise waistline is sure to enhance coverage and support, not to mention provide a comfortable fit. If you love roomy, baggy, loose-fitting bottoms with cuffed ankles, they are an ideal pair of WFH pants. Also, great if you love to do a little lounging, workouts, jogging, dancing, yoga, or stretching.

These pants will look great when paired with a long sleeve cashmere top in the winter months or a simple tank top for a breezy summer. They come in a wide range of hues to choose from, whether you’re into bright, bold colors or dark neutrals. 

We hope you are now motivated to snag yourself a quality pair of soft, comfy, and cozy pants to help you edge your style and take your WFH outfits from drab to fab.

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