Still Confused About Your Path in the IT Field? Take a Look at Microsoft AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator via Exam Dumps

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Microsoft AZ-104 is a qualification exam for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certificate and you need to deal with it successfully to get certified. That is why it is important to have a thorough understanding of the concepts it covers and know the details of its structure and features.

What is Microsoft AZ-104?

Microsoft AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is the only test that you need to pass in order to obtain the associate-level certificate of the Microsoft certification program. Clearing the exam successfully proves that you are ready to be responsible for such tasks as implementing identity, managing governance, monitoring storage, as well as perform these procedures for virtual networks and compute. It also shows that you know how to size, provision, adjust, and monitor resources when it’s required.

Which structure does Microsoft AZ-104 have?

Just like other Microsoft certification exams, this one will offer you to complete about 40-60 items of different types. They may include active screen, hot area, multiple choice, mark review, build list, and other options. This particular test will last for about 100 minutes, so you need to be ready to deal with all the given questions within the allocated time. Microsoft AZ-104 is available for taking in several languages and you can choose between Spanish, Japanese, English, Korean, German, Simplified Chinese, and French.

What topics are associated with Microsoft AZ-104?

Microsoft AZ-1042

The exam contains 5 sections that cover various details of the skills that you should possess to be a certified specialist in this area. Thus, all in all, you will need to learn everything about the following domains:

Deploy & manage Azure compute resources; Monitor & back up Azure resources; Implement & manage storage; Manage Azure identities & governance; Configure & manage virtual networking.

Mastering these topics leads a potential candidate to having a strong understanding of the features and concepts of the industry. It also helps them know about the core Azure services, PowerShell, Azure portal, and other important details.


Passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is the perfect opportunity for those individuals who want to show their skills in the sphere of Microsoft Azure and use them to be a certified Administrator. If you want to be one of these specialists, you need to prepare wisely and be ready to perform the skills that you learned in real life. The employers value their employees if they are skillful and are able to perform their role professionally. This means that with this Microsoft certificate you will be able to get a higher salary, respect from your peers, and a prestigious job position. 

So, don’t waste your time thinking about whether to opt for this path or not and just go for it. Learn everything you need about the test and certification track in general, choose the right prep materials, study with great deliberation, and you will become a valuable asset to any company or organization.

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