"Stay Close" On Netflix Might Be The First Thriller Where Fans Cheered For A Serial Killer

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Don't let their smiles fool you!

🚨WARNING: Semi-spoilers ahead!🚨

Netflix and mystery author Harlan Coben have teamed up again to bring fans another binge-worthy thriller series: Stay Close.

Vishal Sharma / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Stay Close is based off Harlan's 2012 best-selling psychological thriller novel of the same name.

It follows Megan Pierce (played by Cush Jumbo) — a woman seeming to live a picture-perfect life with her fiancé Dave and their three children.


Well, her quintessential world comes crashing down when Lorraine, a friend from her past, comes back to remind Megan of the wild life she left behind.


And when I say things did a complete 180 for Megan, I mean things IMMEDIATELY started spiraling out of control — like getting caught up in a murder investigation.


Oh and that murder I mentioned, yeah, that was just one of many killings happening in the area.


But the suspense doesn't stop there! Then the show throws in a bunch of characters we aren't sure we should trust, like these happy-go-lucky theater kids with a dark side...

James Stack / Netflix / Everett Collection

...and an ex-lover named Ray (played by Richard Armitage) who's still desperately obsessed with Megan.


I mean the man has a wall montage dedicated to her for crying out loud.

But don't just take my word for it, here's what people on Twitter are saying about it:


I just finished #StayClose and I have 2 takeaways: 1. The police don't need to dangerously chase suspects and brutalize the public OR the accused in civilized countries. 2. They can make a riveting show without graphic sex scenes and constant swearing. 10/10 #StayClosenetflix

06:46 AM - 12 Jan 2022

Twitter: @eyeslikebadu


Did not see that ending of Stay Close coming! I'm not saying I support the motive...also not saying I don't support 🤷‍♀️ Now on to Safe 👀👀 #stayclose #safe #Netflix #harlancoben

08:47 PM - 17 Jan 2022

Twitter: @ruthieley


I just finished watching the series #StayClosenetflix.. I'm not going to leave any spoiler alerts but it's the best murder mystery I have watched since the beginning of this pandemic and you can trust and believe I've watched everything on Netflix worth watching👌 10 Stars

03:52 PM - 15 Jan 2022

Twitter: @WilliamStLucia1
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