Selling Online Internationally: 5 Points to Consider

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When you’re selling successfully online to a local or national audience, there’s going to be that temptation to expand into other areas. Done correctly, you can massively expand your audience, sales, and overall profit margins. 

However, this is not a decision you can take lightly. There are various aspects to consider before you jump into the world of international sales. The following article highlights five points to factor into your decision. 

Identify your international market

Understandably, going international doesn’t mean you have to begin trading with all 195 countries. This is good news because your product or service is highly unlikely to appeal to everyone. Plus, when you’re just dipping your toes into the international market, you might want to start small to maintain a better control of everything. 

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting the right international market, including everything from market penetration viability to exchange rates. 

Display your reputation

Reputation matters when selling to any customer. That’s obvious. Yet when convincing international customers to place trust in your business, it’s imperative glowing reviews and feedback are front and center for them to see. After all, they’ll generally be paying extra for delivery and customs charges and waiting around longer for international goods – which means it’s a decision they won’t take lightly. 

Assuming you have a website, post the best reviews and feedback on the front page of your site. Also, make sure to share reviews on social media

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Adapt to markets

Adapting is an important element when branching out into other countries. For example, say you’re an American company and plan to target a market that predominantly speaks Spanish. In this case, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your website features a translated Spanish option. 

Also, pay attention to even subtle differences in language. For instance, British English has notable differences compared to American English. Again, by not making the necessary changes, this can harm SEO efforts in your new target market. 

Arrange shipping

Shipping is one of the most integral elements when selling internationally. You want to offer customers a delivery service which is fast and secure. On your end, your desire is for a delivery service that’s reliable and, most importantly, affordable. 

The latter point is essential because international shipping is far from cheap – especially for bulky items. It’s also one of the main points that scare people from going the international route in the first place. However, it’s less scary when you know about Shiply. 

For the uninitiated, this platform allows you to gain multiple quotes from shipping companies in minutes, allowing you to find the best price and save considerably; you can find more information here:

Laws and regulations

As well as local laws, you need a solid understanding of any laws and regulations that are in place with your targeted international markets. For instance, certain products could be restricted, while others may require certain labeling until they can be accepted into the country.

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