Samsung’s New Freestyle Projector Is Now Back in Stock: Get a Free Carrying Case

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It's beyond difficult to find the perfect apparatus to enjoy your favorite movie or an upcoming event. You've probably spent the last two weeks researching the perfect TV model to upgrade your Super Bowl LVI watching experience. But what if we told you that you don't need to rely on a TV to have a cinematic experience right at home? If you want to enjoy movies, shows and the biggest events on a 100-inch screen anywhere, then you're in luck because Samsung's Freestyle Projector is finally back in stock. 

The same Samsung Freestyle Projector that sold out within a few days of CES 2022 is officially back in stock and available for preorders for a limited time. The USB-C compatible portable projector is powerful despite its tiny size. Though it weighs less than 2 pounds, the Freestyle Projector can project up to 100 inches and features its own built-in sound system. Plus, you don't have to spend ages fine-tuning this projector's setting because the Freestyle auto-focuses and automatically levels your video or image.

Samsung Freestyle Projector


You can access your streaming service apps from the comfort of the Samsung Freestyle Project. Plus, it includes Alexa and Bixby support, which makes setting up movie night even easier. 


So, why look into a projector over say an OLED TV? Besides projectors being able to display bigger images than most non-commercial TVs, projectors reflect light. Whereas, TVs emit light. Technically speaking, reflected light is easier on the eyes. Of course, any projector can project large images or movies, but the Samsung Freestyle Projector has the resolution to keep the image quality intact. 

Samsung knows how to transform your living room into a miniature movie theater, just without the 30 extra seats. After all, Samsung is the same company that unveiled The Wall, a 150-inch microLED TV, two years ago. The Freestyle has a 1080p resolution, so you won't have to suffer through a pixelated or blurry movie.

If you pre-order the Freestyle by January 23, then you also get a free carrying case ($59 value) to keep your projector safe from the elements. A waterproof case might seem unnecessary at first, but if you ever want to watch a movie in your backyard with your Freestyle Projector, then you'll be thankful your projector is protected against unexpected rainfall. 

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