Ranking The Deaths In The New "Scream," From Least To Most Gut-Wrenching

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This one hurt. A lot. I (and a lot of fans, judging from what I've seen on social media) knew it was coming, but oof. There are literal tears in my eyes even as I write this.

Dewey's death was not only extremely emotional, but brutal as well. After helping save Tara (who, again, is on a private hospital floor for some reason) and shooting Ghostface in the chest a few times, he goes back to finish the job, because he remembers the rule: Shoot them in the head, or they will come back.

Unfortunately, Ghostface remembers another rule: "Wear the vest, save your chest." After Dewey is distracted by his ringing phone — which, devastatingly, turns out to be a call from Gale — Ghostface guts him with not one but two knives.

There are so many reasons Dewey's death is the saddest of all. David Arquette made sure Dewey was one of the most likable characters in the franchise — so much so that he wasn't even supposed to survive the original Scream, but pulled through in the end because test audiences loved him so much.

He's been with us since the beginning, and he's survived a lot. We've just come to expect that he'll make it through a Scream movie, because that's what he does. Despite being stabbed in the first two movies, nearly blown up in the third movie, and hit in the head numerous times with a bedpan in the fourth one, he's always managed to get by — until now.

Even sadder, just before he died, he had his final moments with Gale, during which they said all the things they didn't say when they split up. Was it a clear sign that something very, very bad was about to happen? Yes. Did I still cry? Yes. At least he got to see Gale one last time.

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