People Are Sharing The Universally Beloved Movies That They Absolutely Hate, And Their Responses Might Infuriate You

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The comments are going to be heated.

A few months back I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share with us what universally beloved and popular movie they absolutely do not like. Well, there was so many responses that I needed to do another post. And, oh boy, there are some takes.


1. "Grease. I loathe the songs, the plot, and pretty much everything about it (Stockard Channing aside). I cringe just hearing it."

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2. "Legally Blonde! I get the appeal, but after working so hard to get into Harvard Law she gets picked for the project because the teacher wants to sleep with her, then wins the case by having gaydar and knowing about perms? That’s not even a little bit inspiring."

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3. "The Nightmare Before Christmas is stupid."

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4. "Lady Bird — I understand she was supposed to be unbearable, but it was too much for me 🙁. Love Saoirse though!"

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5. "La La Land was just bleh; it wasn't awful, but I don't think I'd be able to watch it again."

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6. "The Breakfast Club! How this film is considered a classic is beyond me!! The characters suck; having them all be these over-the-top social archetypes is just ridiculous. Plus, nothing happens. Awful — wish I had never watched it."

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7. "Avatar. It’s so boring and really hard to get into and actually find something to enjoy about the movie. Not to mention it’s like, what, three and a half hours long!!! No thank you. I don’t get it."

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8. "Lawrence of Arabia. I've taken classic film courses, and I cannot understand this movie. I was bored out of my mind, and the ending made no sense. Classic? More like crapfest."

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9. "Logan. Is. Terrible. Felt like it was made by 13-year-old boys who only cared about how many times they could curse. It was terribly predictable, terribly written, and I’m angry just thinking about it."

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10. "Love Actually is a terrible movie. It’s literally the same as every other trashy rom-com, but everyone seems to love it so much."

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11. "I remember everyone being obsessed with Amélie, which is one of the most boring things I've ever watched!"

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12. "The Greatest Showman. Just absolute horse shit really."

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13. "Deadpool...I just don't get the hype. Everyone had said how amazing and funny it was — I just didn't get it."

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14. "I hate The Dark Crystal. I couldn’t get past the five-minute mark."

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15. "Finding Nemo! I know everyone loves it, but I think it's overly long and not super compelling. I tried rewatching as an adult and still don't understand why everyone loves it."

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16. "The Matrix, it’s just shit; it’s boring and empty and just a waste of time."

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17. "Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies; I pretend they never happened."

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18. "Any Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland. He's just so annoying and whiney — I can't stand it."

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19. "The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just watched it for the first time and was so bored. Don’t know what all the hype was about."

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20. "Clueless. No one else finds the whole stepbrother who is much older than you high-key creepy?! Yet it is a celebrated cult classic!"

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21. And lastly: "I hated Endgame so much. It felt like a lazy way to wrap up a beloved franchise that wasn't that enjoyable. I remember pausing it to see how much time was left and being disappointed that I was only halfway through. The whole time travel thing wasn't well thought out, and the way Black Widow and Steve Rogers ended their journeys was disrespectful."

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