People Are Sharing The Mandela Effects That Messed Them Up The Most, And This Is So Wild

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If you've never heard of it, a Mandela effect is a phenomenon where a bunch of people remember the same thing, even though it didn't happen or wasn't accurate. It was named after Nelson Mandela when a large percentage of the world's population incorrectly believed the heroic activist died many years before he actually did.

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Well, this week, Reddit user u/Ola8o posed the question, "Which Mandela effect messed your head up the most?"


And there were so many fascinating answers! Here are some of the top-rated responses:

1. "Fruit of the Loom logo with a cornucopia."

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"What the ever-loving fuck. This is not a Mandela effect. This is goddamn wizardry. That logo has always had a goddamn cornucopia until I looked it up after reading this comment. I asked my wife. She said, 'Yeah, the cornucopia on their stuff is how I learned the word as a kid.' I showed her the logo. She said, 'No, I mean the old one with the cornucopia, I guess.' There wasn't one?!?!"


2. "The Monopoly guy not having a monocle."

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"I remember this like it was yesterday. When I grew up my family was kind of poor, and I always wanted a Monopoly set. One day, I broke my foot, and my mom bought me one to help me feel better. The day I got it, I spent most of it with the game, reading everything on the cards, the rules, and even playing alone. The guy on it always had a fucking monocle. In the middle of the board and on the box, the guy was looking at you, and he was holding his monocle. This fact still haunts me today and gives me the chills because I know how much time I spent during that month in bed with that fucking game."


3. "The fact that Shaggy from Scooby-Doo doesn’t have a protruding Adam’s apple."


4. "Reddi Wip. I swear to god, there was an H in the Wip."

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5. "Ed McMahon never did the prize awards for Publishers Clearing House."

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"GTFO. I looked up his picture to be sure it was who I had in mind. My great-grandma watched it with me often. I looked up him and PCH, and it says he wasn't on it. Mind blown."


"In the timeline I come from, he absolutely did!"


6. "I really thought the Raisin Bran sun wore sunglasses. Nope."

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7. "In 'The Song that Never Ends' from Lamb Chop's, they actually sing 'the song that DOESN'T end.'"


8. "Stouffer’s Stove Top stuffing has apparently never existed."

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"Wow, I just had to look that one up. Apparently, it's been made by Kraft, and we are all just insane."


"Okay, I've been really digging into Mandela effects for years now, and I didn't even hear this one. And I know for a fact Stouffer's had commercials for stuffing. OMG. This is going to ruin my night if that's not real."


9. "Pikachu's tail having a black end. Pikachu doesn't have that."

Cartoon Network

10. "It’s spelled Febreze, not Febreeze."

Procter & Gamble / Walmart

11. "Sinbad's Shazaam."

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"YES! I have THE MOST vivid memory of the VHS cover at my cousin’s house in the '90s that said 'Sinbad in...SHAZAAM.' It very clearly had his name. I remember the font, and I remember the pose he was doing. Why do I remember this, and how could I have mistaken it for Shaq in Kazaam when I HAD NO IDEA WHO SINBAD WAS OUTSIDE OF THAT MOVIE?! I wasn’t a stand-up fan; I was like 6. The only frame of reference I had for Sinbad was that movie. It’s so vivid, it’s scary. It’s a glitch in the matrix/multiverse crossover situation or something if it’s not real, and it freaks me out."


12. "Apparently, Kit Kat has no hyphen."

H. B. Reese Candy Company / Hershey / Walmart

13. And finally, "TBH, The Berenstain Bears still makes me uncomfortable."



"What gets me on this, and why I do want to believe it's Berenstein, is that I had a teacher in elementary school that had 'stein' as part of her name. I remember her telling the class how neat it was that their names were so similar."


"I recently brought this up with a friend of mine, and she was shocked that this was even a thing. She said, 'What do you mean, stain?! It's stein!' She even asked her kids, who all said 'stein.'"


Which Mandela effect blew your mind? LMK in the comments below!

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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