People Are Pointing Out The Greatest Comfort Shows Ever, And This Is Exactly What I Needed Right Now

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"It's like going home and seeing family."

When life gets ya down, there's nothing better than turning to a favorite TV show where all the characters feel like old friends.

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And there were so many great answers! Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1. Parks and Recreation

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"It's the perfect feel-good show. It reminds me of easier times."


"This was the first show I watched after a really devastating breakup. Leslie is just so positive, and the vibe is so happy and light. I love it to this day."


2. Malcolm in the Middle

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"Not only is it a fantastically well-made show, but my family's problems exist to a greater degree in their family. They're a troubled family but ultimately have great lives. It's comforting."


3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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"I could watch entire marathons of it, back to back, and still never get tired of it."


4. Monk

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"Oddly enough, I really love rewatching Monk from time to time as it gives me comfort about my own self. Even though it’s a fictional show, it was the only show where I’ve been able to fully relate to its main character. It helped me come to terms with and fully accept my mental quirks. Just because I suffer from severe social anxiety and various phobias doesn't make me any less of a person than anyone else. Abnormalities aren’t inherently bad, and there’s plenty of real people out there that you can connect with or relate to."


5. The Great British Bake Off

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"The very definition of a comfort show. It's like being in a warm bath that never goes cold."


"I’m American, and I find the British accents incredibly soothing. It’s also so different from American baking shows, which is a huge plus IMO. I love how nice everyone is so each other, and it seems to be a bit slower paced than American shows, which I also love."


6. Golden Girls

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"I watched a ton of Golden Girls with my grandparents when I was a kid. Some of my favorite memories are of me and my sisters laying on the shag rug in their living room, laughing our asses off at that show. Didn’t realize until adulthood how many bawdy jokes flew right over our heads. Decades later, that shit is still funny."


7. Futurama

20th Television

"I have so many good memories laughing at it with friends. It brings me back."


8. Derry Girls

Channel 4

"My partner and I have watched this so many times we have it memorized. And we quote it to each other almost daily. It’s such a genius show!"


9. The Office

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"I've rewatched The Office a few hundred times, and I can still go to any season, pick a random episode, and love it just as much. There's something so warm about knowing what's going to happen."


"Never get tired of it. It's really good company."


10. Psych

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"This is one of my favorite comfort shows to rewatch! My friends and I used to watch it during study breaks back when I was in school. Even after all this time, it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Gus will forever be my favorite."


11. Avatar: The Last Airbender


"When I was a kid, ATLA was just a really cool show that I liked to watch with my sister and friends. But as an adult in his mid-twenties who was going through some serious mental health issues and big life changes, this show was pretty much therapy for me."


"IMO, this is legit the best show ever, in terms of world building, wholesomeness, and character development. For something that was supposed to be a kid's show, it's mind-blowingly good and is amazing on so many freaking levels."


12. Modern Family

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"Five years ago during the holidays, I was really depressed, and my heat went out during an ice storm. Huddled under the blankets with emergency heat running, I decided to start watching a Modern Family marathon because I had never watched it before. Now, it’s a comfort show because it got me through a rough night."


13. Star Trek: The Next Generation

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"My dad and I butted heads a lot when I was a teen, and sometimes, it got pretty heated. But no matter had happened or what had been said, at the end of the day, we could always sit and watch TNG together. Now, some 20 years later, it still helps me when I've had a bad day."


14. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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15. Bob's Burgers

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"It's an adult cartoon, so no unattainable body or style bullshit to make me feel bad. They are constantly broke, but not so broke it hurts (relatable). Always nerds or outcasts but never alone, check. Manageable shenanigans with the assist of a couple loved ones, hella check. It's the feel good show of the century, fight me."


"It's like going home and seeing family. You feel like everything is going to be okay, and you're not alone."


16. What We Do In The Shadows

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"The way Colin just perfectly pinpoints the way to annoy and bore humans is so spot on. Him using social media to rile up and drain people is one of my favorite scenes."


"This show always makes me laugh."


17. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Travel Channel

"Anthony Bourdain had this way of making you feel immersed in these far-flung destinations and cultures. When working six to seven days a week with a full-time job and a part-time job, I often feel caged by work, sleep, repeat. Anthony and his show seemed to open that cage and put me at ease, if only for a moment. RIP Mr. Bourdain, and thank you."


18. Community

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"I hadn't watched it until the early days of the pandemic. I've watched it all the way through seven times now. It might be my religion."


19. And finally, That '70s Show

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"It was on in the background of my life from junior high onward. It's still funny and quotable. I laughed, cried, hurt, and smiled with the characters growing up. It's an important part of my emotional history."


What's your go-to comfort show? LMK in the comments below!

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