Make a Cozy Appearance of Your Fireplace By Using Glass

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Have you ever thought of the benefits of installing fireplace glass doors once you have a typical fire pit setup at your home? Let’s learn why it is necessary for luxury homes.

Why use glass in the Fireplace?

With valid reasons, fire pits are the central focus of any house, and the addition of doors usually adds to its aesthetics— here are a few proven benefits of deploying a glass door to your Fireplace:

Safety enhancement

Glass doors on a fire pit located inside your premises reduce the dangers synonymous with open-hearth burning of embers. These sturdy fireplace glass doors act as safety barriers preventing flames and sparks from spreading out of the Fireplace and harming anyone or consuming combustible objects. Many forms of timber are more likely to fire flares and plumes as compared to other burning materials.

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But, irrespective of the type of lumber used, it’s normal for logs to get displaced and move as the fire starts dying down; consequently, these burning logs tend to roll out of the furnace. Doors made of glass block logs from spreading out; they prevent your carpet from getting ruined and living area getting littered with coal and ashes.

In addition to offering protection from physical injury and a hazardous blaze, glass doors can help safeguard your precious possessions. Stray flares and log debris are the known culprits that can cause extensive damage to the flooring— from furnishings to linoleum and everything else that comes in between. Because flares and embers can fly, the glass doors mounted on your furnace will better defend any of your home decor articles that are positioned too close to the Fireplace.

When you have got a home brimming with kids and fur babies, fireplace glass doors help safeguard them from flames and excessive heat too. In the process, the glass tends to get excessively hot though. Hence, it’s recommended to put up a security shield at the front of the Fireplace for toddlers to make sure that they do not accidentally touch the hot doors out of curiosity.

Decreased Utility Cost

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An exposed fireplace and furnace can cause the heating and cooling costs to spike exponentially, as dampers typically do not provide ideal sealing to stop the air from exiting or accessing a house. An open fire pit has literally been related to a ventilation spot left open at your place, enabling hot air to pass out in freezing temperatures and the cooler air to flow out in the scorching summers. Energy effectiveness is greatly enhanced by installing fireplace glass since it offer a much-required stronger sealing.

Enhanced Heating Efficiency

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A typical fireplace may add an indisputable charm, but when it comes to supplying the sufficient amount of heat to warm up a room, it fails miserably. If we go by the words of researchers, in an open-hearth fireplace, less than 10 per cent of the energy generated after burning logs is transformed into the beneficial heat that could add warmth to your place. 

Mere installation of fireplace glass doors can instantly double the degree of efficiency; Instead of being obscured or confined within the furnace, the heat from the fire emanates through glass doors, spreading across the house.

Freedom from smoke

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Fireplace glass doors can mitigate the impact of abrupt smoke coming off from the burning of logs through the chimney or eliminate it entirely.

Improve Aesthetics

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Glass fireplace comes in varied types of colors, designs, and patterns. It hardly matters what kind of decor you have; there is always fireplace glass doors that fit perfectly in your settings.

Another concern that you must keep at the back of your mind is that a conventional fireplace will ultimately end up in a dirty look, through with grimy ashes and blackened timbers. On the contrary, a Glass doors cover a filthy firebox; and once the fire is lit, it’s only the glow and warmth that holds your attention. And, even long after the logs are burnt, and the fire is extinguished, your room continues to sparkle in its own light and tidiness. 

An exquisite and opulent glass fireplace can also help improve the interiors of your house— with or without a flame behind it.

Types of glass used in Fireplace

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There are primarily four types of glass ideally suited for a fireplace:

Pyroceram Glass  Neoceram Glass  Robax Glass   Tempered Glass

Pyroceram Glass: It is a thermal-resistant glass and can endure remarkably high temperatures— as high as 1472 F. Pyroceram glass is more of a ceramic material as glass but because of its translucent nature it is often referred to as glass only. Capacity to bear astonishingly high-temperature resistance makes it fit for the applications such as Fireplace, oven, and boilers. 

Neoceram Glass: It is again manufactured out of a ceramic compound only, but due to its transparent appearance, it is included in the league of glass.  

Neoceram is again heat resistant material and thus is frequently used for high-heat arrangements including wood-fired stoves, coal-burning setup, and electric baseboard heaters besides fireplaces. It can withstand heat to a maximum of 1472 degrees.

Robax Glass: Robax is a popular clear and heat-resistant glass which is suitable for high-heat uses such as the burning of coal and fireplaces. Also, since it can be easily moulded in a variety of shapes and sizes that makes it suitable for unconventional requirements. 

Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is stiffened glass which is made strong by different processes encompassing a series of chemical and heat treatments. Hence, it is more durable than the standard glass. The method of strengthening glass compresses the external layers while growing the strain of the inner surfaces. So when it is shattered, tempered glass implodes into thousands of tiny fragments which are round and never piercing or injury-causing.

Fireplace glass doesn’t produce heat beyond 400 degrees, and tempered glass is ideal for such as setting. Also, because of being economical, it is used more frequently in such settings.

Remedies to keep Fireplace clean and soot-free

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Here are a few tips you can employ to keep your glass fireplace squeaky clean

Try to buy and burn only non-resinous log woods Refrain from igniting smoldering fires When the Fireplace is a bit cooled down, you can wipe off the glass door with a damp cloth or paper wrap to take off the light mist. If the soot won’t come out of your glass fireplace, a white vinegar and water solution in the ratio of 1:2 is all that you need to get rid of nasty black ash.

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