Live Large Through Landscaping: 5 Design Ideas For Your Small Backyard Space

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As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. A saying that is as accurate for you today as it was for Dorothy in Oz, clicking her ruby slippers all those years ago. Home is the place where you can retreat to each weekend, and rest assured that you can rest, restore, rejuvenate and re-emerge into life with your batteries fully charged, ready to take on the new week.

And having a pleasant backyard is an integral part of ensuring that your home environment is perfect for relaxing in. 

But what if you have a small backyard space? You might think that there’s not much you can do to make it appealing to spend time in. However, you too can live large through landscaping, thanks to this helpful article. In it, we’ll go through five design ideas for your small backyard space that will transform your backyard into a paradise.

Idea One – An Inbuilt BBQ

Consider installing an inbuilt BBQ in your backyard. This should be easily achievable if you have any walls in your rear garden. A purpose-built grilling system means that you can fire up the BBQ and cook any day of the year. This will make spending time in your backyard more appealing – whether it’s with your immediate family or extended family, or even with some friends over the weekend.

An enjoyable outside space is crucial for achieving indoor to outdoor flow, a basic home design concept. This concept essentially means that you can move from indoors to outside and enjoy each space equally, so you can derive as much satisfaction from spending time in your yard as you do in your living room.

Idea Two – Create Separate Landscaped Spaces

Another design tip to make a smaller backyard space more inviting is to create a sense of separation between spaces in your garden. For instance, you might use paving stones to create a paved area while leaving another space with a small patch of grass. You could create small planting rows along the bottom of your walls, with herbs or flowers planted there. 

There are other things you can do to achieve this sense of separation as well, such as a small hedge to separate two areas, or even a row of dwarf fruit trees. 

The idea is to create some distinct spaces, separate from each other, giving the impression of standalone spaces in your backyard.

For instance, as we describe above, you could create your BBQ space, and then you could pave an area for the outdoor furniture to go on. So you fry up in the BBQ area, then move to the dining space to serve, sit and enjoy your food. 

Idea Three – Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Did you know that you can create a glowing ambience that will transform the smallest yard into a vibrant, glowing wonderland by using LED lights

Shop around for some LED fairy or festoon lights, then string them from fence to fence. You could even install some small metal poles to hang the lights from. 

If you’re concerned about the power bill, you can easily acquire solar outdoor lighting. While the lights may not shine bright during overcast days, if the sun is out in force, then you’re guaranteed a dazzling glow that evening. Solar lights are perfect for summer outdoor entertaining, along with the other tips shared here.

Idea Four – A Mosaic Display

Our next tip requires some creativity, but it will pay off immensely in terms of aesthetics. 

Invest in some cheap colored tiles; you can get factory seconds for dirt cheap, then buy a cheap mirror. Make sure you choose tile colors that complement each other or contrast well. 

Then, using a pair of special mosaic cutters, cut up the tiles and mirror. Using mosaic glue and grout (available at any hardware store or online), create a mosaic wall on one of your fences. It takes a bit of practice, but you can create some dazzling, colorful and radiant mosaic displays on your fencing. 

Check these out for some inspiration. 

Idea Five – Plant Vertical Gardens

One drawback of smaller outdoor spaces is that it’s challenging to create a lush, thriving garden due to the limited space. However, you can get around this by creating vertical gardens using your fence or walls.

Simply mount a pot holding frame on the fence or wall, then hang your potted plants from it. You could opt for edible plants such as herbs, which are pretty easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Or, you could instead choose some gorgeous blooms to bring a splash of color into your yard. You could even do both, if you wanted.

A Cosy Yard Conclusion

We’ve shared five design ideas to help you live large through landscaping in this handy article. These tips will make any small backyard a relaxing and enchanting oasis that you can enjoy all year round. So, get those gloves on and get to work! 

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