If You Binge-Watched "Too Hot To Handle" Over The Weekend And Are Also Obsessed With THAT Relationship — I Have Answers

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Warning: MASSIVE spoilers for Too Hot to Handle Season 3!

Watching a group of hot 20-somethings try to resist the urge to hump each other on television is a type of joy I cannot put into words.

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Yes, I'm talking about the new season of Too Hot to Handle.

But the best part of the show for me is always seeing who (if anyone) ends up together in the end.


Spoiler: not them.

This season, THE "it" couple was hands down Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson.


They started as friends by default, then got a tad flirty, and then we literally witnessed them fall in love on that magical little island.


The season ended with Harry asking Beaux to be his girlfriend, and the pair rode away into the sunset (via yacht).


The biggest question post-show is whether or not they're still together... and GOOD NEWS!! They are!!!


Beaux and Harry had been leaving flirty little comments on each other's Instagrams over the past few weeks. And then TWO DAYS ago, Beaux posted this super sweet photo.

But the official proof came today when they both confirmed their relationship in their IG stories. Here's them cuddling on a London rooftop.


And then Harry attempting to serenade Beaux with his rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely."

But the real kicker is this adorable video of the two of them holding hands with their Too Hot to Handle cast mate, Izzy Fairthorne, with the caption, "third wheel at its finest."


And in case that wasn't clear enough, Beaux then posted this video of Izzy trying to teach Harry to properly pronounce Beaux's name, with the caption, "a year on and he still can't get my name right."



The other couple in question — Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan.


They went through a couple minor ups and downs throughout the season, but still maintained feelings for each other in the end.


Nathan and Holly have been slightly less obvious about the status of their relationship post-show, but it looks like these two are still together as well, based on a few of Holly's very recent TikToks.

Couples who Tok together, stay together.

And then there's this one of Nathan kissing her face that by the looks of her blonde highlights, must have been taken sometime after the show.

So whether or not they are ~officially~ a couple remains to be seen, but they clearly have something!

Personally I'm a Barry stan, so I'm elated that they, at least, ARE still an item.


Who were your favorite matches on this season's Too Hot to Handle? Let us know in the comments below!

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