Here's The "Encanto" Cast In Real Life Vs. The Characters They Voice

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Now you truly know the family Madrigal!

If you're anything like me, you've spent the last few weeks (*cough* MONTHS *cough*) positively OBSESSED with Disney's newest release, Encanto.

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And while we of course know all about ~*the family Madrigal*~ thanks to that impossibly catchy opening number, I think it's high time we met the VOICES behind everyone in ~*the family Madrigal*~! Ready? Here we go:

1. Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel Madrigal

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While Stephanie is best known for her role on Brooklyn-99 as axe-wielding bisexual icon Rosa, Encanto gives the actor a chance to show off her incredible singing abilities. Petition to put Stephanie in more musicals! (Yes, I know she was in In the Heights, too, but it's still not enough!!!)

2. Diane Guerrero as Isabela Madrigal

Frazer Harrison / WireImage, Walt Disney Studios

With previous roles on Doom Patrol, Jane the Virgin, and Orange Is the New Black, Diane voices the perfect-on-the-surface eldest daughter of her family with all of the delicate nuance she deserves. To paraphrase her own character, what CAN'T Diane do?!

3. Jessica Darrow as Luisa Madrigal

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney, Walt Disney Pictures

As the strongest member of the family, Luisa carries a lot of burdens, and her unique emotional struggle is voiced to perfection by this Cuban American actor! Seriously, her solo song, "Surface Pressure," is an instant Disney classic, and it has been on repeat in my brain since I saw the film (don't tell my therapist).

4. Carolina Gaitán as Pepa Madrigal

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney, Walt Disney Studios

Carolina is a Colombian actor and singer known for her work on TV, including a roles on Narcos and Sin senos sí hay paraíso. Also, fun fact: If her voice sounds vaguely familiar, you may recognize her from an uncredited background singing role she had in The Greatest Showman's breakout song, "This Is Me."

5. John Leguizamo as Bruno Madrigal

Frazer Harrison / WireImage, Walt Disney Pictures

Without exaggeration, John has starred in roughly 12 billion movies over his prolific career (including Romeo + Juliet, John Wick, and Moulin Rouge!). But most recently, he lent his voice to the one character in Encanto that no one wants to talk about — but absolutely everyone wants to sing about!

6. Angie Cepeda as Julieta Madrigal

Michael Tran / AFP via Getty Images, Walt Disney Pictures

Besides being the kindhearted mother of Mirabel who can cure what ails you with just one arepa, Angie is most known for her roles in the telenovela Pobre Diabla, as well as the films Captain Pantoja and the Special Services and Love in the Time of Cholera.

7. María Cecilia Botero as Abuela Alma Madrigal

Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney, Walt Disney Studios

Known for her work on the telenovelas La Vorágine and Caballo Viejo, María is a veteran of both TV AND the stage, and her beautiful voice provides a balance of strength and vulnerability to the Madrigal's family matriarch.

8. Mauro Castillo as Félix Madrigal

Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Walt Disney Pictures

This Colombian musician is a man of man talents, listed on Wikipedia as a "singer, composer, trombonist, performer, and music producer." He's best recognized from the telenova El Joe: The Legend and is the former singer for the Salsa group, Grupo Niche.

9. Wilmer Valderrama as Agustín Madrigal

Michael Tullberg / Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios

YUP, the father to Mirabel is none other than the famed That '70s Show actor! Still, this isn't Wilmer's first time out as a voice actor for Disney, as he previously lent his talents to the character of Gaxton in Pixar's Onward.

10. Adassa as Dolores Madrigal

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney, Walt Disney Studios

The cousin who can hear me typing this whole post from a mile away is voiced by Adassa, a reggaetón singer-songwriter who made her acting debut with Encanto. She's also collaborated with many other artists over her music career, including Lil John, Daddy Yankee, and Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.

11. Rhenzy Feliz as Camilo

Dominik Bindl / Getty Images, Walt Disney Pictures

The shapeshifting troublemaker of the Madrigal family was voiced by Rhenzy, who has had reoccurring roles on Casual, Teen Wolf, Runaways, and American Horror Story, and — most recently — can be seen starring in The Tender Bar alongside Ben Affleck!

12. Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Antonio Madrigal

Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney, Walt Disney Studios

The youngest member of the Madrigal family is voiced by Ravi, who is as talented as he is adorable! Besides Encanto, he's best known for his reoccurring role on Netflix's #BlackAF.

13. And finally: Maluma as Mariano Guzman

Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios

Last, but certainly not least, is the love-lorn Mariano who hopes to marry into the Madrigal family. He's voiced to perfection by none other than Colombian superstar Maluma! The singer-songwriter has had a number of songs hit the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Top 10, and has collaborated with many other beloved artists, including Shakira, The Weeknd, Madonna, and Ricky Martin.

So, now you've truly met ~*the family Madrigal*~! What did you think of Encanto? Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite song? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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