Here Are The 12 Scariest Moments From Season 1 Of "Archive 81"

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I may or may not have had to watch some of these through my fingers.

If you're looking for your next horror fix, head over to Netflix ASAP and check out Archive 81. It's spooky and creepy and just plain frightening (unsurprisingly since James Wan is one of the executive producers).


🚨 WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Archive 81.

Here are some of the scariest moments from Season 1:

1. Jess' seizure


I don't know about anyone else, but I really thought Jess was messing around with Melody — until she hit the ground. From that moment I figured I was going to spend the rest of the season worried about her (though I had no idea to what extent), and I was right! All I wanted was for her mom to take her and bolt in the night — especially after the second seizure.

2. Every time Melody hid somewhere she wasn't supposed to be


I kept waiting for someone to find her.

3. The demon in the static


Static interrupting whatever show or movie you're watching is bad enough, but a demon suddenly popping up? Nope, nope, nope.

4. The three-dimensional demon in the static


Later in the series, the demon starts to exit the TV, Samara-in-The-Ring-style, and it's terrifying, to say the least.

5. The cultist's creepy chanting/humming/huffing


Cults are scary, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

6. The hooded figure in the woods


If movies like The Strangers and You're Next have taught us anything, the only thing more frightening than a demon is realizing someone is watching you when there's no one else around for miles.

7. Chris hitting the pavement


Not long after Melody meets Chris, who tells her about Samuel and the cult, Chris "jumps" from a window of the Visser and lands on the sidewalk feet from Melody and Samuel. This was more startling than anything, maybe because there hadn't really been many jump scares up until that point.

8. Melody's mom putting a gun to Mark's head


Protect Mark at all costs!!!

9. Beatriz clawing off her own face


I can usually stomach a lot, but I had to look away from this one. This was also the moment that solidified my decision to never participate in a séance, because I take my skincare very seriously, and losing my whole face would really put a crimp in my a.m. and p.m. routines.

10. Realizing Dan's family is not really his family


In the finale, Dan goes into the Otherworld, where it appears his family is alive and safe, having not been the victims of a terrible fire. It turns out to be the demon god Kaelego's way of trying to keep Dan there.

11. Kaelego popping up in the mirror behind Melody


This is the first time we see the demon as more than a shape in the static, and is a classic jump scare that did indeed make me jump.

12. Finding out there's no Wifi and cell service is "spotty"


Honestly, this one might be the scariest of all. Maybe I'm addicted to technology, maybe I've watched too many horror movies, or maybe (probably) both, but I'd be hesitant to stay in a creepy, isolated compound in the middle of the woods even with access to the internet. Without? Hell. No.

There's no word yet on whether there'll be a second season, but while you wait to find out, check out the podcast the Netflix series is based on.

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