Halle Berry Never Intended For Her Fake Wedding Photo With Van Hunt To Get So Much Attention

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"After 20 minutes went by, we were like, 'We are such assholes!'"

Halle Berry totally didn't mean for her wedding prank to get so out of hand!

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Earlier this year, Halle and her boyfriend Van Hunt shared a photo on Instagram that looked a lot like they had gotten married.

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"well…IT’S OFFICIAL!" the duo captioned a photo kissing inside of a tiny chapel in a tropical location.

Halle included a second photo inferring it was a joke but when friends and family began sending congratulatory messages, she realized no one was getting it!

"First of all, this was not supposed to happen like this...I was with my boyfriend. We were on an island. We had copious amounts of drinks at the bar," Halle explained on The Tonight Show.

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She continued, "We pass this little chapel, and we think, 'Oh, let's go in here. Let's see what's inside here.' So, we go in. And while we're in there, we get the crazy idea. We think, let's call his mom. Let's take a photo of us and send it to her and say, 'Guess what, we got married...NOT!'"

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And while it all was supposed to be a prank for her boyfriend's mom, they thought the photo was too good not to share.

"So we took the photo and then after we saw how good the photo came out we said, 'Let's play this joke on everybody, on our friends on Instagram. Let's post it and then let's swipe over. Tell them it's official, swipe, it's 2022!'" Halle explained.

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She added, "That's how we thought it would play and everyone would be like, 'Good one Halle!' But instead within five minutes, we got all of these congratulations from like Ava DuVernay and The Rock."

Now Halle says she's learned an important lesson — no one actually swipes to the second photo on Instagram.

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"After 20 minutes went by, we were like, 'We are such assholes! Everybody believes this!' So many people don't swipe. I didn't know that people don't swipe. So now I'm never doing swipes ever again because I know nobody looks at them," Halle concluded.

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