“For Moldova” platform, consisting of 15 deputies, was officially created in Parliament

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Establishment of the Parliamentary Platform "For Moldova", which brought together six unaffiliated deputies - Sergiu Sîrbu, Ruxanda Glavan, Grigore Repeșciuc, Eleonora Graur, Corneliu Padnevici, Elena Bacalu and deputies of the ȘOR Party faction, Ilan Șor, Petru Jardan, Marina Tauber, Reghina Apost Vadim Fotescu, Igor Himici, Denis Ulanov, Violeta Ivanov, Vladimir Vitiuc was officially announced on Thursday, November 19, in the plenary of the Parliament.  

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Platform "For Moldova", Sergiu Sirbu mentioned that the purpose of the Platform is to promote a broad agenda, expected by the people.

"Deputies who joined the" For Moldova "Platform will support and vote for all good projects for citizens, for people, for Moldova! We rely on the same approach from all parliamentary factions! ”, said Sergiu Sîrbu. 

At the same time, the parliamentary faction of the ȘOR Party specified in a communiqué that it will continue to function with full rights in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The deputies of the parliamentary faction will strictly respect their commitments made in front of the citizens and will promote the electoral program of the ȘOR Political Party in the Parliament. 

"Joining the Parliamentary Platform" For Moldova "does not mean the disappearance of the faction of the Political Party" ȘOR ", but the conjugation of efforts to adopt draft laws expected by citizens and necessary for the country", according to the faction of the ȘOR Party.

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