Every Kill In The "Scream" Franchise, Ranked

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4. Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) - Scream 4

Emma Roberts takes defibrilators to the head

Dimension Films

"How do you think people become famous anymore?" Well duh, it's by murdering all your friends and family, stabbing yourself, ripping out your own hair, throwing your body down onto a glass coffee table, and then posing as the final girl of Ghostface. Jill's final run is deliciously delusional, and dare I say it, she's the best villain of the franchise? When she awakens at the hospital, however, and learns that her Aunt Sidney is still alive, she staggers through the halls to finish her off. Unfortunately, a defibrillator to the brain and then a couple of bullets to the head (in addition to her self-inflicted wounds) put an end to her glorified victim complex. A fitting end to my favorite homicidal high schooler. 

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