Dodon: Parliament must be dissolved in 2021, regardless of presidential election result

2 years ago 91

The dissolution of Parliament is a priority, no matter what happens after the presidential election, President Igor Dodon said in a special edition on Prime.

"My position remains firm, this Parliament must be dissolved, it depends when and how. Going to elections in March is complicated for the country. It's full of crisis now. In 2121, regardless of the result of the presidential elections, the Parliament must be dissolved ", mentioned Igor Dodon.

Igor Dodon suggests to the political forces in the Parliament not to exclude PSRM from any alliance for the reset of the system, as without socialists no alliance is possible in order to form a governing majority, he claims.

"From the beginning, I announced that I am in favor of dissolving this Parliament. The solution is with the socialists, without us no one can. You need at least 51 deputies. How can you train 51 deputies without PSRM? ”, Said Igor Dodon.

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