Disney Is Officially Making A "Percy Jackson" TV Series And I'm Floating On Mt. Olympus

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Time to once again become obsessed with Greek mythology.

Calling all demigods — Percy Jackson is returning to our lives!

Yes, it's true. The son of Poseidon is coming back into mainstream culture with a new TV series!!

Disney+ has officially announced the show, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, based on the famous book series by Rick Riordan.

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The best part — Rick Riordan will be heavily involved. He's signed on as an executive producer and will also be co-writing the pilot alongside James Bobin, who has directed films like Dora and the Lost City of Gold and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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The series is a spinoff on the novels and will take us back to a 12-year-old Percy who just recently discovered his powers, and is forced to go on a quest to find Zeus' missing master lightning bolt.

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As a massive fan of the books, I was a bit disappointed by how the movies turned out (especially because Logan Lerman was a perfect Percy). So I'm super excited to see how they redeem themselves with the series.

No word yet on the casting, but the series is set to begin filming this summer.

Are you ready for a return to Mt. Olympus?? Let us know your thoughts on the new series below!

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