Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Welcomes First Child

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Iliza Shlesinger is officially a mom! The 38-year-old comedian has welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Sierra Mae, with husband Noah Galuten. Shlesinger shared the exciting news on her Instagram on Tuesday, sharing details of her daughter's birth, as well as posting photos of their new bundle of joy.

"I finally have my very own #babyleg !! I gave birth late at night (because that’s when I work) and there was no food available at 1:30am. Noah went to a vending machine and came back with chips and cookies, basically prison commissary food," she jokingly began. "I think he paid for them in cigarettes. So this is me finally getting to eat a Bay Cities Godmother at noon the next day. I was unaware this photo was being taken but I’m glad it was. Vaginal delivery mothers knows why I’m eating sitting side saddle wearing exclusive Mesh Underwear for SS22."

"The decision to induce came purely from me wanting to have enough time with her and to heal before my February shows. So…27 hours of labor, 75 minutes of power pushing (they said I had 4 hours and I was like 'oh no, this ends NOW. Champions do more.')," she continued, sharing that her daughter was born at 11:27 p.m on Jan. 13.

"I became a mother the moment at 10cm dilated, around minute 60 of pushing when I realized I could feel my body breaking and I didn’t care because I was doing it for her. I had been dreaming of the moment they would pull her out and put her on my chest and I could look at her little face. I got what I came for. That perfect moment," she wrote, adding that she was in "awe of this experience: mothers who do this without epidurals, single mothers, mothers without support and just what a woman is capable of physically and mentally."

The comedian noted that her baby is "gorgeous" and won't be sharing photos of her face since it's "not mine." She concluded the post by thanking everyone for their support.

Shlesinger announced her pregnancy while on stage performing in August, where she revealed she was due in January with a baby girl. "We can’t wait to meet her! And squeeze her BABY LEG!!!!" the New York native captioned an Instagram post of the moment she told the audience, who erupted in applause. 

From then on, Shlesinger kept fans up to date with dozens of pictures and videos on her Instagram page, including detailing her journey to motherhood saying she felt "great."

"This may upset a lot of people, but zero morning sickness," she said in one post where she and Galuten cooked breakfast tacos together. "Honestly, totally fine. I feel totally fine, nothing weird." 

However, she did note that she was nervous about sharing her news with the world. "I was so nervous because I had to get through the whole set with this secret," she recalled of her reveal. "And I didn't know if I really wanted to tell people, but what I didn't want to do was be outed. But more importantly, I wanted to start wearing clothes that were comfortable that you could see my belly instead of always being uncomfortable. It's 900 degrees in L.A., and I'm wearing an anorak on stage." 


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