Book Review: Never Tell Chloe

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Reviewed by Kiersten Adams

A paranormal thriller that explores life, death, and how we interact with those who dwell on either side of it 

There are lots of stories of love, loss, and how we heal from tragedy, but none are quite like Never Tell Chloe

The story of a young woman—in this case, Chloe—on a summer road trip is all too familiar, but the journey soon turns into one of a lifetime, when they are visited by the walking, talking, almost living memories of their past. 

Never Tell Chloe is more than just a paranormal story of the dead in a state of unrest. It acts as a therapy lesson for all those who seek to understand the emotional weight of loss and love.

Accompanied by a mysterious neighbor, Chloe is on her road trip in search of a new experience. What she finds is a long legacy of secrets and unfinished stories that involve her, her mother, and the angles and ghosts that surround her.

Both frightening and comforting, this story gives new meaning to the phrase “Cutting the cord.” The relationship between mothers and their children is often a peculiar one, but Forsberg takes the cake with her original story of a daughter literally unearthing the tragedies of her familial past. 

This slow-burn paranormal novel has mystery, danger, death, and intrigue. It may take a moment for action-oriented readers to adjust to the leisurely pace, but once the story starts to move, there is no stopping this ride. 

Much like a Mike Flanagan project, this story dissects what it means to be a ghost and angel, and even more so, how humans interact with their past and present. Diana L. Forsberg expertly explores healing as a non-linear process and gives readers the chance to accept their own styles and methods of grief as well as allows them to examine the ways in which family history affects their own healing processes. 

From speaking with ghosts to coming to terms with histories before you, Forsberg holds space for those, both alive and dead, who aren’t quite willing to let go. 

Never Tell Chloe is as much a book of learning to grow with trauma as much as it stands as a paranormal adventure. If you are someone who wants to get in touch with your past, but still do so in a thrilling ghostly plot, then Never Tell Chloe is the novel for you.

Publisher: CK Books Publishing

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal

Print Length: 236 pages

ISBN: 978-1949085488

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