Another 100,000 tests for COVID-19 procured for ANSP with World Bank support

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Another 100,000 tests for SARS-VOC-2 were procured and delivered to the National Agency for Public Health, as part of the World Bank's project "Emergency Response to VOCID-19 in the Republic of Moldova". Likewise, consumables, reagents and devices for ensuring the laboratory diagnosis were purchased, including 4 cars for transporting the tests from the ANSP laboratories. 

At the same time, the health system in the country was provided with 42 electrocardiographs, 700 infusion pumps with syringe, 400 monitors for patients, 150 pulse oximeters, 400 oxygen concentrators, 194 beds for intensive care, 22 pulmonary ventilators, 180,000 protective suits and 100,000 gowns for medical staff. Thus, the capacities of the health system to respond to the large number of hospitalizations of persons confirmed with COVID-19 have been strengthened.

The purchased protective equipment and medical devices were distributed to laboratories and public medical institutions in the country.

According to the ministry, in the next period, 250 lung fans, 31 mobile units for radiography, 8 resuscitation units, 700 syringe infusion pumps, 200 beds for intensive care, 50 thousand protective suits will be purchased. 

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