4 Reasons You Might Need an Employment Lawyer

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By  | January 26, 2022

Lots of issues can arise in the workplace. Many of them are one-off incidents that can be easily resolved with effective communication and minor adjustments to working arrangements.

However, there are some issues that require further action in order to be fully resolved. This may involve escalating an issue to management or HR, or it may even require legal action to be taken.

DC employment lawyers are often hired by employers or employees to resolve these major workplace problems. They have the knowledge and expertise to resolve even the most complex issues so that the business can continue its operations as normal.

Employment lawyers aren’t only involved in the resolution of workplace-related problems or physical injuries. They may also be hired by employers to help in the drafting and negotiation of employee and client contracts or the creation of HR policies.

Here are four reasons why you might need to hire an employment lawyer as an employer or employee.

To Resolve Breaches in Your Employment Contract

If you are an employee and you feel that your contract has been breached by your employer, you may wish to hire an employment lawyer to look into the issue in further detail.

Similarly, if you are an employer and you feel that one of your employees is breaching the contract that they have signed to work for your company, a lawyer can be hired to deal with this issue.

Often, breaches in contracts can be resolved without needing to go to court. However, if necessary, your employment lawyer can represent you in court as part of the claims process. If you win your case, you may be entitled to compensation or a new employment contract.

To Help With the Formation of Contracts 

For employers, creating contracts can be a complex process. Detailed employment contracts are very nuanced and you need adequate knowledge of employment and labor laws to properly create them.

Employment lawyers can be hired to help in the drafting and creation of employee and client contracts to ensure that they are accurate and free of potential loopholes in the contracts. The attorney may also help in the negotiation and exchange of these contracts.

If any changes need to be made to an employment contract, an employment attorney can use the most effective strategies to implement these changes to avoid issues further down the line.

To Aid in the Termination of Employee Contracts

As an employer, terminating an employee’s contract can be a difficult situation to navigate. You can hire an employment lawyer to make things easier when you’re letting an employee go.

Your attorney can help you to create a termination plan. Having a detailed termination plan ensures the employee gets the full payments that they are entitled to after a dismissal.

Hiring an employment lawyer to aid contract termination provides a way of keeping both the employer and the employee happy with the outcomes of the termination. This can help to avoid any further litigation.

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