36 Truly Bananas Things That Actually Happened On The Show "Teen Wolf"

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Someone wanted to become a werewolf so they'd be better at lacrosse.

I watched Teen Wolf as a teen, but I don't remember all that much about the storylines.

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So I went on the interwebs and into my memories to see what happened on the show, and...wow. Turns out it was bafflingly wild!

Here are 38 truly bananas things that actually happen in the first three seasons of Teen Wolf.

Note: I have only included the first three seasons because going through the entire show would mentally exhaust me. If you have other suggestions, shout them out in the comments below!

1. First off, the fact that Scott and Stiles, two TEENS, go out to find half of a corpse in the woods.

2. Both Allison's family and Scott decide to not tell her anything about how connected to werewolves she is. She doesn't even know they exist. She is given no information, no specifics, just a weird vibe to live with.

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3. Also, Allison is not a high school student. None of them are, but this woman is 26.

4. Seems like Scott and Allison skip school the same day as the parent-teacher conferences, which is amazingly stupid.

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5. Jackson, Mr. Popular, learns that Scott's a werewolf, and he's like, "Hey, I'll become a werewolf too so I'll be just as good at lacrosse as Scott!" JACKSON! DON'T BECOME A WEREWOLF TO BE BE BETTER AT HIGH SCHOOL LACROSSE!

6. Allison's dad wants to send Allison and Kate – his adult sister – to another state. Excuse me? Kate is an adult.

7. Peter killed his own niece in order to become an alpha werewolf???

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8. And then Derek kills Peter! Stop killing each other!

9. Apparently Derek makes Scott look at Allison's grandfather killing a totally innocent werewolf and saying he's going to make sure all werewolves die in order to avenger Kate's death. There's so much there!


10. Also, Allison's grandfather just replaces the high school principal and makes Allison's mom a substitute teacher. How? Does he have any prior affiliation with the school whatsoever? Is he really rich?

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11. Allison's grandfather blackmails Scott, a child.

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12. While Jackson is that kanima thing, his master makes him go to a secret rave. I am thrilled about that, that is so funny. But also poor possessed Jackson has to go to a rave.

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13. Is it bonkers that Stiles's father loses his job as the sheriff because of his son's reckless behavior? I feel like that's bonkers.

14. Lydia has a birthday party, which I remember a bit. At the party, Lydia puts wolfsbane in the punchbowl and it makes everybody hallucinate what they fear most. WHY DOES SHE DO THIS???

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15. Peter's fully dead, but he uses Lydia to lure Derek to the Hale house because it'll help him get resurrected somehow. What is this show?

16. Oh my God. Someone named Matt is trying to get revenge on people who once left him to drown at a pool party. That's awful. Matt couldn't swim...but for some reason he was at a pool party for the swim team that Isaac's father coached.

17. Oh no, and then Matt dies by drowning. Jesus Christ.

18. At a high school lacrosse game, Allison's grandfather tells Scott that he'll murder somebody if Scott doesn't get him Derek before the game ends. Why does Allison's grandfather, a grown man, live on a high-school-lacrosse-game time table? Does he think in lacrosse games? "I'll meet you at the cafe in three lacrosse games?"

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19. And Allison's grandfather has zero problem twisting Allison's grief about her mother's death into whatever he wants from her. Holy shit!


20. Okay, so Allison's grandfather wants to become an alpha werewolf so that his cancer will get cured, but his body rejects the bite because Scott had already switched out Allison's grandfather's pills with mountain ash. I don't know what to do with that.

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Season 3 Part 1

I strongly remember this was called Part A.

21. Jackson is gone, he moved to London. Little fun little An American Werewolf in London reference there that I despise.

22. For some reason we don't know yet, the animals in Beacon Hills are purposefully killing themselves. Teen Wolf was next-level.

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23. Apparently there are werewolves being held hostage in an abandoned bank vault, because of course that's happening.

24. Season 3 has a powerful and scary druid, which both seems like a huge change in tone and also very consistent, because – in case I haven't been clear – this show is bonkers.

25. Why do the kids go to a cross-country meet in the middle of everything? I understand the "we have to balance our werewolf lives with our high school lives" thing, but who cares about athletic meets when you're dealing with a powerful and scary druid? Let the youth group activities go! They're often very dumb anyway!

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26. It's a really small world, because the werewolf that bit Allison's grandfather's uncle in 1977 is the same one now terrorizing the characters. Plus, this werewolf needs to broaden their range.

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27. A werewolf's eyes go from yellow to blue the first time they kill an innocent person. What are you talking about, show? What is this?

28. Allison, Scott, and Stiles are submerged in ice-cold water to die for one sec because that's how they'll be able to find their kidnapped parents. Sure. At least they're doing it together! Friendship!

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29. Now we have some fireflies in a swarm that can turn into eerie figures. I can't keep up.

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30. Evil, possessed Stiles was bananas in the best way. Dylan O'Brien is a stellar actor, folks.

31. Stiles must know he's being possessed by, like, a supernatural being or whatever, so why does he check himself into a psychiatric hospital? He's too dangerous for that, and the doctors won't be able to help him.

32. Deaton, the vet Scott is close with, is trying to cure Stiles, but he needs a hidden scroll to do it. Love it, the addition of a mystical scroll – I say mystical because all scrolls are mystical.

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33. Turns out Kira's mother is about 900-years old!!!

34. Remember the scroll? Well, apparently it says that this certain evil being can never be both a wolf and a fox. Any scroll that says that is a win in my book. Although if you're convincing as a fox, I'm sure the scroll won't see your wolf arm.

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35. Look at that, Allison's aunt, Kate, is resurrected! Makes sense.

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36. Finally – and this is about the whole show in general, not simply Season 3 Part 2 – why does so much happen in this one town? Why is Beacon Hills the center of supernaturalness?

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I hope it's never explained because that is so much funnier.

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