23 TV Men Who Give Off Major "Written By A Woman" Energy

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Please know that they are all, in fact, my type.

1. On Ted Lasso, Roy Kent is gruff and brooding, but at the same time, he has the biggest, most loyal heart and will *never* half-ass anything.

Roy tells Rebecca that the guy she's dating is fine, but she's so extraordinary that she shouldn't ever settle for someone who's just fine.

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2. On The Good Place, Chidi Anagonye is smart and knows a little bit of everything, but doesn't try to make people feel stupid, and he isn't afraid to be vulnerable.

Chidi tells Eleanor about how a wave is only a wave for a little while, but its always water and once the wave crashes it goes back to the ocean, where it's supposed to be. He relates that to the Buddhist conception of death.


3. On Shadow and Bone, The Darkling is desirable because he's just a liiiiiiiiiittle bit evil, and makes everyone think they can fix him.

The Darkling tells Alina that he needs her help and she needs his, but she refuses and says they could've had everything together, but he was too selfish. And he responds with "Fine. Make me your villain."


4. On Fleabag, The Priest always makes eye contact and really, *really* listens to Fleabag — it's the little things that mean so much with him; he sees her for everything she is.

Fleabag tells The Priest she loves him and he responds, "It'll pass." He gets up to leave and finally tells her that he loves her too. She gets up and looks at the camera one last time

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5. On Jane the Virgin, Michael Cordero is the guy who feels like home; he just ~gets it~ in a way no one else ever will. Everything always comes back to him.

Jane gets a letter written by Michael and he tells her that they were always meant to be and that fate brought them together. They were each other's destiny.

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6. On The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson is charming as heck and takes loyalty to a whole new level...he'd literally kill (or be killed) for the people he loves.

Klaus tells Hope that he will never let anyone hurt her because she's all that matters to him

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7. On Normal People, Connell Waldron is the soft-spoken, introspective guy who feels everything and can't quite put his emotions into words, but tries as best he can.

Connell talks about how he never felt like he fit in and he feels so alone and isolated and can't find a place at college because he doesn't have too many friends but has lost all of his friendships from back home


8. On Criminal Minds, Spencer is endearing and charming in the most awkward possible way ever. He isn't always the best at showing how he feels, but he feels very, very deeply.


9. On One Tree Hill, Julian Baker is just a well-adjusted grown-up version of that awkward marching band kid who deserved the entire world.

Julian tells Brooke he'll love her forever so there's no need to rush anything.

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10. On Once Upon a Time, Killian Jones is the charmingly, sexy pirate who takes people's breath away every time he speaks, especially when he's talking about his "happy ending."

Killian tells Emma that she's his happy ending.


11. On This Is Us, Randall Pearson is the always sweet, all-around good guy who will do right by anyone, even if it means putting himself second.

Randall tells Deja he's her "day one" and that he will always be there for her.


12. On Loki, Loki is the fluid hottie who's not only charming but is endearing in a softer, more mischievous way — also his arms are just 🥵.


13. On Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski is the boy-next-door, best-friend-turned-boyfriend, sweet cinnamon roll that can do no wrong.

Stiles tries to talk to a girl he really likes and it doesn't go as planned but he's sweet and awkward


14. On New Girl, Winston Bishop redefines masculinity in a way that just proves men can be confident as heck but also extremely in touch with their emotions — this man can *never* fail to make people smile.

Winston is trapped inside an air duct and starts to sit alone with his thoughts. He thinks about how we have to protect the earth and that maybe he never actually felt love


15. On Gilmore Girls, Jess Mariano is the bad-boy-turned-nice-guy, who really is in touch with his emotions and at the end of the day, wants to make people proud.

Jess stares at Rory as if he loves her so deeply


16. On Stranger Things, Steve Harrington is a total asshole turned sweetie pie that cares so deeply about the people he loves and would do anything to keep them safe.


17. On Pretty Little Liars, Caleb Rivers is sarcastic as ever but romantic to a fault. He has thick skin but is just begging to let someone in.

Caleb is taking a shower and Hanna has to jump in with him so her mom doesn't realize there's a boy in the house. After she leaves, he sarcastically asks "Wanna share a towel too?"


18. On iZombie, Ravi Chakrabarti is the awkwardly nerdy man who, even though he's not the strongest guy in the room, always makes people feel safe and sound.

Ravi says he'll stay behind "gazing unblinkingly into the face of death that inevitably awaits us all."

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19. On Greek, Cappie is the nice guy with a heart of gold who puts up a front to impress his peers, but deep down he's "happily ever after" material.

Cappie says "You can always go back to your soulmate. That's what makes them a soulmate"

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20. On Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, Ben Warren is the thoughtful ride-or-die, "I'm all in" kind of guy; literally, the man would do anything for the woman he loves.


21. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta is the kind and caring, absolute goofball that people can't help but fall in love with — first it starts little by little, then boom, all at once.


22. On Schitt's Creek, Ted Mullens is so perfectly softhearted — he's the "right person, wrong time" kind of guy but keeps people hoping they'll find the right time with him.

Ted surprises Alexis and tells her that he's newly single and has wished to be with her for the last two years, then they kiss


23. And on Parks and Recreation, Ben Wyatt is the introverted, seemingly serious guy who really just needs someone who sees him for who he is: a semi-sane goofball with an inner child just trying to bust its way out.

Ben says getting married is like coming home to a roommate you love


Obviously, we can't fit everyone in one post, so tell us in the comments which of your favorite TV men give off "written by a woman" energy.

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