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Elden Henson, who played Pollux, told Zimbio, "One of the PAs on our set majored in sign language, so I immediately pulled him aside and was talking a lot with him and with Francis [Lawrence, the director], and we had a conversation about finding little moments in the movie that show how close Wes [Chatham, who played Castor] and I were. There's that scene where I talk about how beautiful Katniss is, and on that day — and this is a testament to how great Francis is — I said, 'You know, there might be an opportunity for Wes and I, who were just sort of in the background of that scene, to do something.'" Lawrence and screenwriter Peter Craig came up with the moment, while the on-set PA helped Henson learn how to sign it.

Castor filming Katniss during the execution of President Snow


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