13 Tweets In Support Of Kristen Stewart After Her "Spencer" Performance Was Snubbed By SAG

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K. Stew didn't eat a pearl necklace just to be snubbed! like! this!

Two months ago, I watched a film that truly rocked me to my core. The film was Spencer, the star was Kristen Stewart, and the feelings were FELT!


The film — which followed Princess Diana during an imagined Christmas weekend with the Royal Family — was a haunting deep dive into the beloved royal's deteriorating mental health in response to societal pressures and her crumbling marriage.


...and yet, when the Screen Actors Guild announced their list of nominees, Kristen Stewart's name was missing:

These leading ladies sparkled on screen this year... ✨ Here are your nominees for Female Actor in a Leading Role: @jes_chastain, #oliviacolman, @ladygaga, @iamjhud, #NicoleKidman #sagawards2022

03:19 PM - 12 Jan 2022

Searchlight Pictures/ Netflix/Universal Pictures/ Amazon Prime/Twitter: @SAGawards

*Me refreshing Twitter to look for SAG's tweet announcing their mistake*

Kris Jenner looking at her desktop


*Me when I realize they don't think they made a mistake*


The only silver lining is that I am not the only one outraged!

this is the most offensive thing to happen to kristen stewart since jacob nicknamed her baby after the loch ness monster https://t.co/YEWeoS1dSz

04:48 PM - 12 Jan 2022

Twitter: @EhisOsifo

The entire internet it outraged! So, here are some of the best tweets in support of Kristen Stewart:

Nothing but respect for MY SAG winner for Female Actor in a Leading Role! 


The Sag Snubbing Kristen Stewart is a joke, she gave one of the best performance of the year. It was nuanced, layered and full of respect and if they can't see that it's their loss.

05:48 PM - 12 Jan 2022

NEON / Twitter: @modytalkmovies

BRB, currently omw to SAG headquarters to ask them what the hell is going on:


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