10 Things You Need to Know About Cannabis Laws in North Aurora, IL

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Anyone that is considering the use of cannabis in North Aurora, IL needs to know what to expect. There is no doubt that marijuana use laws are changing fast – often leading to less stringent requirements for use. For those visiting this city or moving to the suburbs of Chicago, it may help to know what the rules are currently before you make a mistake that is costly. Here are 10 things you need to know.

It’s Legal to Use for Medicinal and Recreational Needs

Marijuana is legal to use in Illinois, including in North Aurora. It was the 20th state to legalize the use of the drug for medical purposes in 2013. In 2020, the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act went into place. This made it legal for people to use recreational cannabis as well.

Marijuana Is Big Business

One of the reasons why the state legalized recreational use of cannabis was because it anticipated the industry to be very valuable locally. Specifically, the state of Illinois expects to generate as much as $4 billion in annual revenue from the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Those funds may be used for a variety of needs within the community. It will take some time before this occurs as the laws must be fully in place to see results.

The Law Forgave Some with Records

When the state put in place the new rules regarding cannabis use, it also took steps to expunge police records and court convictions for some 700,000 people that were related to marijuana use. It expects to complete this process by 2025 as it will take a long time for them to work through each of the convictions to determine eligibility.

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Who Can Use Depends on Age

For those who apply for and obtain a medical marijuana card due to a recognized medical condition, it is possible to begin buying and using medical marijuana at the age of 18. Most people who are using it recreationally will have to wait until the age of 21 to gain access. There may be exceptions made to this for children on a case-by-case basis.

Knowing Where to Buy Is Important

To purchase marijuana for legal use, a person typically needs to visit a North Aurora dispensary that’s licensed by the state. The state oversees these locations, which means they must verify a person’s identity and age prior to selling the product to the customer. There may not be as many dispensaries present in North Aurora at this point because it is a new business model (thanks to the new law). However, there are likely to be new additions in the city and around it in the coming months and years. It is not yet legal to purchase cannabis in the state online.

Know How Much You Can Carry

The city and state regulate how much cannabis a person can purchase and carry at any given time. Specifically, it is possible to possess:

Up to 30 grams of cannabis flower, which is about one ounce 5 grams of cannabis concentrate, which may include kief, dab, or oils 500 milligrams of THC within cannabis-infused products like edibles

When visiting a dispensary, they will limit how much you can purchase based on these rules. It may be possible to purchase more than this if it is medically necessary. Users can have up to a 14 day supply if they are a registered medical marijuana cardholder for the state.

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Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Is Not Difficult

For those in the area that know they need to have access to more cannabis than is allowable under recreational use or they need it under the age of 21, the first step is to apply through the Medical Cannabis Registry Program. It is managed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Individuals will need to show a driver’s license or state ID, show legal residence in the state, and have a physician’s certificate that shows that they meet the specific medical needs. The state has a list of numerous medical conditions that may be approved for this use.

You Will Pay Some Taxes on Cannabis

When purchasing cannabis in Illinois and specifically North Aurora, there is likely to be an added tax to do so. There is no additional tax beyond routine sales tax for purchases of medical marijuana (again, it is critical to have a card to do this). However, on recreational purchases, there is a graduated excise tax. The tax is higher based on the amount of THC found in the product. For example, a purchase of a product that has less than 35 percent THC, has a 10 percent excise tax (that’s a tax on top of regular sales taxes). For those purchasing a product with more than 35 percent THC, that jumps to 25 percent in additional tax. Also, edibles are taxed at 20 percent if they contain more than 35 percent of THC in them.

It’s Not Possible to Use Cannabis Just Anywhere

North Aurora has rules on where cannabis products can be used. Specifically, it cannot be used anywhere that smoking is banned, such as in restaurants and shops. It is also illegal to use it on any federal land, including federal parks and government buildings (it’s not legal to use at the federal level). Also, using marijuana in public is considered illegal and may be subjected to fines.

You Cannot Grow Cannabis

It is still illegal in Illinois as a whole to grow marijuana of any type. Home cultivation is not legal. It is also not legal to sell products containing THC unless you are a licensed dispensary to do so.

For those that are considering the use of cannabis in North Aurora or the surrounding areas, be sure to stay up to date on where you can do so. Dispensaries are typically the best place for the most up-to-date insights.

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