10 Incredible Shows You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Should Add To Your Watch List Immediately

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Maybe you'll find your new favorite show on this list!

Looking for some new shows to watch? Well, I've got you covered! Here are ten absolutely amazing underrated shows that you've probably never heard of! *This list is in no particular order*

1. Pen15

Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine dress up like middle schoolers in "Pen15"


Pen15 is a hidden gem. This cringe-comedy is one of the few shows to make me simultaneously laugh and cry throughout the entire short-lived series. Pen15 follows two girls (Maya and Anna) as they navigate their seventh grade year at middle school. The twist? These two girls are played by adults (also named Maya and Anna)! What makes this show even better is that the two main characters are played by adults, while every other actor in the show is a child.

Seasons: 2 (S2 is split into two parts)

Where to watch?: Hulu, CBC Gem (Canada)

2. Harlem

Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), Quinn (Grace Byers), and Camille (Meagan Good) stand in front of a bar on "Harlem"

Prime Video

Harlem, which is an Amazon Prime Original, was released in December 2021 and is one of the best shows to come out last year. It's highlighted for its diversity and the depths of all of the characters. Harlem doesn't shy away from discussing things like gentrification, microaggressions, and figuring out your sexuality. It's an extremely funny and lighthearted show, and every episode ends on a cliffhanger, which made me binge it in just one week. It's very addictive!

Seasons: 1

Where to watch?: Amazon Prime Video

3. Gentefied

Ana (Karrie Martin), Chris (Carlos Santos), and Erik (Joseph Julian Soria) look straight ahead and smile on "Gentefied"


Gentefied follows three Mexican American cousins as they navigate their life while also trying to help out with their grandfather's family taco restaurant. While it's generally a light, comedic show, it oftentimes touches on very serious issues, like gentrification, immigration, and discrimination. Gentefied is able to find the perfect balance of comedy and seriousness, which is why I love this show so much and wish more people would watch it. It spreads a very important message and isn't afraid to speak up about issues that still exist in the world today.

Seasons: 2

Where to watch?: Netflix

4. Trying

Apple TV+ / Via giphy.com

Trying is one of the most wholesome shows I've ever seen. It's funny, but it can be emotional at times. But the good kind of emotional! The kind of emotional that fills your heart with that feel-good feeling. Trying follows a girlfriend (Nikki) and her boyfriend (Jason) as they try to adopt a baby in the complicated world of adoption. I don't think I've ever seen a show highlight the issues of the adoption process, which is why I think Trying deserves a spot on the list. Also, Apple TV+'s lineup of shows is absolutely fantastic, and this one is definitely a standout in their catalogue. If you love feel-good shows, I highly recommend trying...Trying.

Seasons: 2

Where to watch?: Apple TV+

5. Chicago Party Aunt

Diana and Rory sit on a stoop eating pizza on "Chicago Party Aunt"

Courtesy of NETFLIX/©NETFLIX 2021

If you like animated comedies, Chicago Party Aunt is the show for you! I usually don't like animated shows, but this one surprised me! Chicago Party Aunt is very funny, with episodes being packed to the brim with jokes and one-liners. The shows centers around the aunt (Diane, who is voiced by Lauren Ash (Superstore)) living her wild, overly eventful life in the American city of Chicago. Although several of the jokes they make in this show are very Chicago-based, they'll still make you laugh...even if you don't understand them.

Seasons: 1

Where to watch?: Netflix

6. Mythic Quest

Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney, and Danny Pudi wear lanyards around their necks at a convention as Ian, Poppy, and Brad

Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

If you're a computer nerd (like me) or a gamer, Mythic Quest is something you'll be interested in. Mythic Quest (referred to as Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet in Season 1) focuses on a video game company in charge of managing one of the largest video games of all time. With a narcissistic leader and a bunch of staff who believe they deserve better, this show is sure to have some uniquely funny moments. It also stars Danny Pudi who starred in the universally loved show Community.

Seasons: 2

Where to watch?: Apple TV+

7. Workin' Moms

CBC/Netflix / Via giphy.com

Workin' Moms is one of the most brilliant sitcoms to come out in the past few years. It follows several mothers as they navigate the troubles of parenthood and raising children. The humor in this show is very distinct and isn't something you see in your typical sitcom. It's the type of humor that makes you think about the joke and then laugh about it three seconds later. Workin' Moms has also been praised for its accuracy in depicting parenthood and covering many taboo subjects relating to parenthood. But parent or not, this show is extremely entertaining.

Seasons: 6

Where to watch?: Netflix, CBC Gem (Canada)

8. AJ and the Queen

Netflix / Via giphy.com

Although AJ and the Queen only got one season, that one season speaks volumes. This show is beautiful and emotionally powerful. AJ and the Queen stars RuPaul as Ruby Red, a drag queen who wants to open their own club. However, it's not as easy as Ruby expected. Along the way, Ruby meets AJ, which catapults the show into its emotional state. They embark on a journey across the United States together, all leading up to the super emotional and unexpected finale. I think this show ended perfectly.

Seasons: 1

Where to watch?: Netflix

9. Derry Girls

Louisa Harland, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Nicola Coughlan, and Saoirse-Monica Jackson sit on a bench together in various stages of distress as Orla, Michelle, Clare, and Erin on "Derry Girls"


Derry Girls is one of those rare shows you find that makes you desperately want more episodes. (Unfortunately, it was announced that the show will end after Season 3.) Derry Girls finds four high school girls and their English guy friend in Northern Ireland living through The Troubles in the 1990s. This show is very funny, though due to it taking place in 1990s Northern Ireland, it has some political elements mixed into it, but that only makes the show better. Derry Girls is absolutely outstanding, so it's no surprise that it has quickly gained a worldwide audience.

Seasons: 2

Where to watch?: Netflix

10. And finally, The Chair

Sandra Oh sits at a table in front of a bookshelf with her hands folded in her lap as Ji-Yoon in "The Chair"


The Chair — starring the magnificent Sandra Oh — is a university comedy which combines all of the troubles of academia with the troubles of real life. Although this show may be extreme at times, that's what makes it entertaining. It's not a very relatable show, but you'll fall in love with many of the characters immediately.

Seasons: 1

Where to watch?: Netflix

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